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Vietnam renovation of global learning

Board members at a meeting

Project summary

The Renovation of General Education Project (RGEP), implemented by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and supported by the World Bank, began in 2016 with the aim of launching a new national curriculum for Vietnam by 2020. The objective was to raise student learning outcomes in this country of over 95 million people by: (i) revising and implementing the curriculum and (ii) improving the effectiveness of teacher instruction. The total project fund was USD80 million.

The GA was engaged between 2017 and 2018 to provide expert consultancy in support of the RGEP, for which it received around £72K.

Project activities and achievements

The Project had four components: support for curriculum development; development of curriculum-based textbooks; support for assessment for continuous improvement and project management.

In August 2017, GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder was appointed as an International Advisory Board member this World Bank-funded programme. His work was focused on: the development of the General Education curriculum; the reform of social science curriculum subjects (geography, history and citizenship education); the development of new textbooks for the social sciences and the reform of teacher training and professional development required to support the new curriculum. This work involved visiting schools, pedagogical universities and research institutes across Vietnam, working closely alongside the RGEP project team, the World Bank team, other International Advisory Board members and with teams of curriculum experts in geography, history and citizenship education.

Alan said: ‘The new social sciences subject curriculum represents a substantial investment in the future of the young people of Vietnam. Geography and related social sciences play a critical role in preparing young people to take their place in society and to progress in their education and careers.

Through these curriculum subjects, young people gain better understanding of themselves in the world. By studying the relationship between people and their environments and processes that create change, continuity and diversity across the Earth, they begin to prepare themselves to be the ethical and informed citizens of tomorrow. The new social sciences curriculum for Vietnam takes on this ambitious agenda.’

RGEP Project Director Doan Van Ninh reported that the publication of the new curriculum on 26 December 2018 had been positively received by the public and policy makers in Vietnam.

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