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Where Will I Live? Coleridge Community School and Parkside Community School

Redevelopment of Marshall’s Airfield

Name of Teachers

David Beresford and Tim Pearce from Coleridge Community School with Jen Hurst and Laura Lowther, in partnership with Jacqueline Billing from Parkside School

Key Stage

Key Stage 4, Year 10


The proposed housing development on the site of Marshalls airfield is put in a national and regional context. Students are encouraged to consider the variety of factors that need to be considered when developing an area for housing. The different needs of different people are considered, and the students are asked to justify their decisions about planned change.

Concepts and Big Ideas

  • Place
  • Space
  • Scale
  • Interdependence
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Reasoning with Maps
  • Geographical Imaginations
  • Geographical Communication


South Cambridgeshire

Adapting this scheme for your own school

This is a detailed sequence of learning that features a series of well resourced lesson plans focussing on local examples. Each lesson can be downloaded and used in its entirety building towards a coherent place study. You may prefer to used this well planned sequence of learning as a scaffold into which your own local examples can be placed. A further approach could be to develop activities that support comparisons between the locations featured here and your place.

Files to download


This sequence of learning featured as part of a Teachers TV programme. The students were asked to respond to an evaluation questionnaire about this unit. Their views make for interesting reading. Additionally Jacqueline Billings and Jen Hurst at Parkside school evaluated each lesson.

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