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Where Will I Live? Edge End High School

What is All the Fuss About?

Name of Teachers

Dave Collinge and Susan Proctor

Key Stage

Key Stage 4, Year 10


Regeneration of the Whitefield area of Nelson


This practical sequence of lessons involved students in photographing the area and interviewing a variety of local people, with different perspectives about the regeneration of their place.

Concepts and Big Ideas

  • Place
  • Space
  • Scale
  • Interdependence
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Reasoning with Maps
  • Geographical Imaginations
  • Geographical Communication


East Lancashire
Whitefield, Nelson

Adapting this scheme for your own school

This scheme developed through the teachers’ desire to use their own locality rather than the textbook example that they had previously solely used. The teachers felt that by exploring their own locality, that was in an area of housing market renewal, the students would be motivated to engage in geographical thinking at a higher level.

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