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Where will I live? South Cambridgeshire schools

Where will I live? – South Cambridgeshire schools

Name of teachers/school Teaching and Learning Sequences Big Ideas and Key Concepts
David Beresford and Tim Pearce, Coleridge Community School, Cambridge, with Jen Hurst and Laura Lowther, in partnership with Jacqueline Billing, Parkside Community School, Cambridge The proposed housing development on the site of Marshall’s Airfield is put in a national and regional context. Year 10 students are encouraged to consider the variety of factors that need to be considered when developing an area for housing. How does this scheme develop understanding?
Andy Berry and Rob Richmond, Sawston Village College, Cambridge Through fieldwork and a written report, the students were supported in thinking geographically about new housing developments. They were encouraged to consider the kinds of environments that they would realistically like to live and work in. How does this scheme develop understanding?
Amanda Alderton, St Bede’s Inter-Church Comprehensive School, Cambridge, and Katharine Hutchinson, Chesterton Community College, Cambridge Year 7 students (this unit was developed as a transition piece of work) were supported in identifying how some of the main features of their local area are connected to other places, and challenged to develop an understanding as to some of the reasons why people have different perceptions of places. How does this scheme develop understanding?
Bridget Oeppen and Jane Verity, Hills Road Sixth Form, Cambridge Managing urban environments usefully emphasises issues connected with the future of large urban areas and the limited environmental resources available How does this scheme develop understanding?
Nicola Gamble, Hannah Galama and Carol Pearson, Comberton Village College, Cambridge, and Saffron Walden County High School, Saffron Walden Year 9 were encouraged to develop an understanding of regional inequalities within the UK and the effects of these inequalities on Cambridgeshire with a focus on sustainability. How does this scheme develop understanding?
Andy English, Chesterton Community College, Cambridge This sequence of learning challenges Year 9 students to think beyond their current experiences. It uses geographical thinking to expose the potential of differently designed houses to meet our housing needs. How does this scheme develop understanding?


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