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Where Will I Live? St Bede’s Interchurch Comprehensive Schoolbrand Chesterton Community College

How Are Features of Your Local Area Connected to Other Places?

Name of Teachers

Amanda Alderton (St Bede’s) and Katharine Hutchinson (Chesterton)

Key Stage

Transition Unit Year 6/7


To develop an understanding of ‘our place’


The students were supported in identifying how some of the main features of their local area are connected to other places and challenged to develop an understanding as to some of the reasons why people have different perceptions of places. The students were also asked to think about decision making and the social, economic and environmental consequences of decisions made by those who do not have to live with the outcomes of their decisions.

Concepts and Big Ideas

  • Place
  • Space
  • Scale
  • Interdependence
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Reasoning with Maps
  • Geographical Imaginations
  • Geographical Communication


South Cambridgeshire
Students’ own localities
Localities of the schools
Comparison with Burnley house prices

Adapting this scheme for you own school

This is a detailed scheme of work that features different ways to use students’ own localities and the locality of the school, not as an area study, but rather as an example of how places are interconnected. No place exists in isolation from any other. You may wish to use this well-planned sequence of learning as a scaffold into which your own local examples can be placed. You may also choose to compare your students’ responses with examples offered here.

Files to download


In addition to the teachers’ evaluation comments, Amanda Alderton offers her diary of reflections on this sequence of learning.

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