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Young Geographers Resources

These pages have been set up to share resources submitted by teachers to the Young Geographers Project.

Leighton Primary School, Cheshire

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Title: Why Recycle?

Age Group: Year 5 (to be adapted for year 3)

Approach:  A unit based around recycling and Education for Sustainable Development involving a virtual visit to an aluminium can recycling centre and an actual visit to the local recycling centre.

Concepts: Education for Sustainable Development, Place, Space, Scale and Change

Key words: fieldwork, reduce, re-use, recycle, raw material, waste, environment, materials, incinerators, aluminium

Added 21.10.09

Little Common Primary School, East Sussex

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Title: Habitats in the School Environment

Age Group: Key stage 1, year 2

Approach: Main fieldwork activity in the school grounds, with children recording what they find with photographs, sketching, video clips and habitat fans. Follow up activities in the classroom including annotating maps and using puppets to develop talk.

Concepts: The project develops the geographical concepts of place, space and diversity.

Keywords: Habitats, environment, home, local area, school grounds, field, playground, pavement, hedge, trees, buildings, nest, leaf litter, grass

Added 25.03.09

Joy Lane Primary School, Kent

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Title: Can I make a difference?

Age Group: Key stage 1, years 1 and 2

Approach: Use of stories and poems to introduce ESD issues, school environment survey, affective mapping, creation of school display

Concepts: Place, scale, ESD

Keywords Planet Earth, world, global, local, environment, survey, feelings, like/dislike, map, plan, spoil, improve, suggest, responsibility, change, protect

Added 25.03.09

Bradley Stoke Community School, Gloucestershire

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Title: Mediascape: exploring personal geographies at KS2 & 3 through virtual fieldwork

Age Group: KS3 – can be adapted for KS2 & 4

Approach: To create a unique and personalised interactive piece of fieldwork (Mediascape) on the school grounds using digital equipment (digital video camera, digital camera, music, sound files, text based material and Mediascape software)

Concepts: Local actions Global Effects, Sustainability (ESD), Space, Place, Scale, Fieldwork (Learning out of the classroom)

Keywords: Carbon footprint, sustainability, distance, scale, maps, aerial, longitude, latitude, GPS (Global Positioning System), PDA , Mediascape, route, risk, personal, memories, experiences, literacy, spreadsheet, GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

Added 30.09.08

Southborough CE Primary School, Kent

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Title: The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood – A Geographical Adventure

Age Group: Key stage 1/year 2

Approach: A journey story based on a traditional tale, set in the area around the school. Children were involved in writing the story and in the production of the film. The film helped them to evaluate the local area including a discussion about environmental hazards and how the environment can be adapted and changed

Concepts: Place, space, environmental interaction

Keywords: Location, journey, hazard, environment, change, develop, improvement, local area, locality, Movie Maker, video, film, primary fieldwork, geography and literacy

Added 13.08.08

St Peter

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Title: What do we feel about the environment around our school?

Age Group: Key stage 2/year 5

Approach: A series of small group, teacher-led walks with a class followed by group write-up sessions; with parallel, linked Literacy and ICT units of work. The ultimate aims were to produce a ‘journey stick’ style map and a short video

Concepts: Fieldwork, place and space, ESD

Keywords: Local area, changing environments, opinions, change, the future and past, environment, community, feelings, improvements, good, bad, interesting things, Photostory, journey stick

Added 13.08.08

Shelley First School, Yorkshire

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Title: What is it like to live in Shelley?

Age Group: Year 1

Approach: Local area investigation, fieldwork, map-making, digital maps, use of the online mapping programme Quikmaps, use of digital mapping software Local Studies

Concepts: Place, identity, space, location

Keywords: Journey, near to, at the side, short journey, house, bungalow, garage, village hall, Methodist Church, hairdressers, school, tall, bigger and bigger, building materials, stone, house number, feelings

Added 26.06.08

Austrey Primary School, Warwickshire

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Title: Journeys, Place and Landscape

Age Group: Foundation Stage

Approach: Starting from story, fieldwork in the school grounds and local area, responding to our environment, investigation and enquiry, sharing ideas through the use of PowerPoint and IWB

Concepts: Place, space, environment, ESD

Keywords: River, stream, water, environment, stream building, school grounds, Google Earth, sand, pebbles, stones

Added 24.04.08

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