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Young Geographers Project Austrey Primary School Warwickshire

Journeys, Place and Landscape

Age Group: Foundation Stage

Selection of Content: The fictional text The Journey used as a starting point was already part of the broad topic of ‘Journeys and Jobs’ planned for this half term. The activities developed from discussions with the children about what they would like to do or find out having read the text.

The Journey
Red Robin Books
Neil Griffiths and Scott Mann
Illustrated by Judith Blake
ISBN: 978-0-9545353-6-0
Price: £5.99

In September 2008 the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum demands that practitioners place four themes; A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development firmly at the centre of any planning and subsequent activity. This was therefore an opportunity to familiarise myself with the new EYFS documentation. The additional information included shows how the ‘commitments’ (as stated in the EYFS documentation) related to the four themes could be addressed within the topic ‘Journeys and Jobs’.

Teaching and learning activities

Planning for teaching and learning

This document outlines how the four themes and commitments of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework might relate to the work done within the project.


All three main activities worked well. The children were particularly focused when taking photographs of features around the school. Having had a lot of rain (!) the stream in Austrey was flowing well on the day of the visit.

The children enjoyed being able to read the signs as we passed them (Letters and Sounds working well!). We had the added bonus of workmen replacing lampposts on our journey.

On reaching the stream the children behaved well allowing individuals to ‘float a boat’. The children discussed what was in and around the stream and compared these features to those around school and in the story.

From comments made the children have enjoyed all activities within this topic, but got most excited when outside – especially stream-building and getting dirty with glee! They all want the photographs putting on the interactive whiteboard to show parents.

Further Development

The work will be linked to a future activity during the summer term when we look at the stories, We’re all going on Safari and Handa’s Surprise, where the theme of journeys, landscape and place can continue in a different context.


All areas of the curriculum were covered while undertaking this project. I was particularly pleased to see how easy it was to provide many opportunities for Communication, Language and Literacy to the work, especially speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Background Information about the School

The school is located in North Warwickshire with pupils coming from Austrey and the surrounding villages, including out of county areas.

The school has a large playing field, an infant and junior playground, a shrub area, small barked area and fenced outside classroom for Reception and Pre-School. An after school junior gardening club ensures that the garden areas and plant tubs are well maintained.

Fieldwork is undertaken within the school grounds, the village and nearby localities such as Tamworth.

This material was contributed by Jane Mulligan of Austrey Primary School.

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