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Funding opportunities for geography teachers

This page contains information about a variety of funding opportunities for geography teachers to participate in expeditions, develop teaching and learning resources and take part in further study. If you’d like to list your funding opportunity here, contact us at


Funding opportunities

The Fawcett Fellowships for Geography Teachers

The GA Initiatives Fund (GAIF)


The Fawcett Fellowships for Geography Teachers

Applications are invited for the Fawcett Fellowships for Geography Teachers at University College London. These provide an opportunity for UK-based mid-career teachers to spend a term at UCL undertaking a self-designed programme of study. You might, for example, bring yourself up to date in particular aspects of the subject, develop new teaching materials, prepare publications or software, explore new fields, and generally rejuvenate your enthusiasm for the subject.

The funds are used primarily to finance teaching cover during the period of each Fellowship. This is normally September to Christmas, but could be from New Year to Easter. Letters of interest are invited by the end of February each year.

For further information see the UCL geography website.


The GA Initiatives Fund (GAIF)

The GA Initiatives Fund (GAIF) is a charitable fund for geography teachers and educators which aims to provide them with opportunities they would not otherwise have to further geographical knowledge and understanding through education.

The fund can be used in many ways to support geography through education, such as:

  • encouraging communication and the exchange of good practice in the teaching and learning of geography
  • supporting overseas geography educators to visit the UK to attend the GA’s Annual Conference
  • enabling early career geography teachers to take part in GA Study Tours
  • supporting teachers in action research and curriculum innovation
  • disseminating GA CPD within schools which may have restricted access to networks and CPD opportunities
  • collaborative work on initiatives linked to fieldwork or the production of resources.


How much funding is available?

Several grants of between £250 and £1500 will be available each year.

Awards will not be made for funding:

  • fieldwork groups or group travel
  • travel costs for a visit that is part of a personal holiday
  • completion of higher education studies.


Am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must be:

  • geography educators, involved in geographical and/or related school education
  • a member of the GA or, if applying from overseas, of their national geographical association or equivalent subject association where one exists.

Priority will be given to individuals with limited access to sources of funding, such as early career teachers, those working in socially or economically deprived areas or those from the Global South.

Although new initiatives are particularly encouraged, applications to support the development of existing projects and projects which involve partnerships will be considered.


How do I apply?

Complete the online form at the bottom of this page and submit it to the GA. The closing date for the receipt of applications is 31 August each year.

The awarding panel considers the applications during October and the awards will be made from autumn each year.


  • The application should be completed and submitted by the person seeking an award.
  • A short supporting reference is required from, for example, a headteacher/head of department or someone who has a professional interest in your area of work. This needs to be emailed separately to at the GA.


Terms and conditions

Please pay particular attention to the criteria stated above and read the full terms and conditions before applying.


What happens after I have completed my activity?

You have an obligation to share ideas, reflections or curriculum materials when you have completed your project or activity. Examples include:

1. Submitting a written report (1000-2000 words) to GA headquarters, containing:

  • a brief description of work undertaken and organisations or people involved
  • an outline of results of the project – for example, copies of case studies, photos of displays, conference report, etc.
  • a long-term proposed use of the outcomes, where possible.

2. Teaching resources for the website with notes on how they might be used.

3. A summary report to be considered for inclusion in GA Magazine (700 words and photos).

What is expected will depend on the nature of your project, the locality and your interests. The task and due date will be identified clearly when the award is made.


Additional information

Case studies of previous award winners (PDF download)

Kampala scheme of work resources – resulting from a link between The King Alfred School (KAS) in Somerset and the Charles Lwanga School in Kampala. Benedict Ssaazi was able to visit KAS in November 2015 because of a GAIIF award.

GAIF application form

1. Important notes

  • You can download some important notes about GAIF and the grant application process here

2. Applicant details

  • Data Protection:  Any personal information you provide will be for GA use only
3. Eligibility criteria
If not a member of the GA please provide details of any other equivalent national geographical association membership
4. Funding amount
5. Your project
6. Independent reference
NB: Please request your referee to email your short supporting reference (50-100 words) to including the words ‘GAIF Application’ in the subject header.

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