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The GA Professional Passport

What is the GA Professional Passport?

Teachers of geography have access to an ever-widening range of knowledge which informs their practice. This may come from conferences, journals, networks and social media, the GA or from other sources. When teachers apply this knowledge effectively in their schools, the main beneficiaries are always the pupils in the classroom.

The GA Professional Passport is a tool that supports critical reflection on what a teacher has learnt through their professional experiences and their work in the classroom.

The GA Professional Passport is flexible. It is a tool that can be tailored to your own needs and circumstances and which can be used to build your own, unique portfolio. For example, you may wish to organise evidence for your appraisal under individual targets or critically reflect on your engagement with the GA CPD curriculum. The GA Professional Passport gives you a structure to work with, but you can also get creative by designing your own templates.

You retain control of your GA Professional Passport. You can choose to share all, some or none of the evidence you collect and can specify who you share this with, even if that person is not a member of the GA or does not have access to the GA CPD toolkit. We hope that you will want to submit some of your evidence in order to be assessed for a GA Professional Award. However, there is no obligation for you to do so.


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