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eConference 2020 session downloads

From 16-18 April we welcomed delegates from all over the world to take part in the GA’s first eConference with a range of lectures, workshops to find out about the latest ideas, resources and support in primary and secondary geography.

Find out which publishers, schools and individuals won GA Awards at the 2020 event.


Session downloads

Please note that the contents of these presentations have been compiled by each presenter and are not the property of the GA. If you have any copyright queries, please contact the GA (



Presidential lecture All KS 
Geography really matters!
Gill Miller, President of the Geographical Association
Watch the Presidential lecture here

Keynote address All KS 
Geography in Government
Patrick Rickles, Team Lead – Business Intelligence and Spatial Data Science at HM Courts & Tribunals Service
Download: Presentation 

Geography from home All KS

Simon Ward, Bob Digby, Dr Paula Owens and Alan Parkinson
No download available

Public lecture All KS
Today’s most vital tool: Geography
Paul Rose
Download to be added shortly

You can watch the keynote sessions on our YouTube channel here.

Friday 17 April

Recordings of the all the sessions are available to purchase in our shop now. These recordings are free for delegates who should have already received an email with a link to the recordings.

Primary geography:

Getting to grips with the hard bits of geography
David Rogers, Director of Standards, The Littlehampton Academy
Download: Presentation PDF

Creative ideas from the Primary Geography Quality Mark
Jon Cannell, Primary Curriculum Leader, Geographical Association
Download: Presentation PDF

Pandas, penguins, sharks, elephants and swallows
Anthony Barlow, Principal Lecturer in Primary Geography Education, University of Roehampton
Download: Presentation PDF

Geography and well-being: experiences that really matter
Julia Tanner, Education consultant and Dr Susan Pike, Assistant Professor in Geography Education, Dublin City University
Download: Presentation PDF

GCSE geography

Effective selection and use of case studies for GCSE geography
Jo Payne, Geography Subject Leader and Head of Humanities, Okehampton College
Download: Presentation PDF

Ready for take off: using key stage 4 to prepare more students for A Level
Katy Salter, Geography Teacher, The Burgate School and Sixth Form
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Thinking critically about GCSE geography fieldwork
Catherine Owen, Head of Geography, The King Alfred School and Academy
Download: Powerpoint Presentation
Take a look at Pearson’s fieldwork support here 

GCSE geography: improving students’ fieldwork performance
Keith Bartlett
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

A Level geography

Thawing permafrost: the tipping time bomb
Dr Richard Waller, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Keele University
Download: Presentation PDF
Download: Useful resources

Managing the NEA for success: reflections, tools and ideas
Simon Holland, Geography Teacher and Chris Collins, Head of Faculty for Geography and Biology, Bilborough Sixth Form College 
Download: Powerpoint Presentation
Download: Checklist

Exploring the ‘recipe’ for success with titles for the Independent Investigation
Julia Thomson
Download: Powerpoint Presentation
Download: NEA top ingredients
Download: Titles for discussion

Better evaluation of geographical data
Gemma Mawdsley, Consultant to the GA
Download: Powerpoint Presentation
Download: Better evaluation of data handouts

Beginning teachers

Creative ideas from the Secondary Geography Quality Mark
Dr Rebecca Kitchen, CPD, Curriculum and Marketing Manager, Geographical Association
Download: Presentation PDF
Download: Creative ideas

Climate services in the classroom: from experts to education
Kit Rackley, Consultant to the GA
Download: Presentation PDF
Download: Survey results PDF
Download: Common queries 

Building a fieldwork toolkit for early career teachers
Dr Rebecca Kitchen, CPD, Curriculum and Marketing Manager, Geographical Association and Janine Maddison, Education Development Officer, Field Studies Council
Download: Powerpoint Presentation
Download: Fieldwork Template

Rex Walford lecture: How to build a geographer
Gemma Collins
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Saturday 18 April

Geography for sustainability

30 reasons why geography really matters
Steve Brace, Head of Education and Outdoor Learning, Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Our planet is changing… Get me out of here!
Huw James, scientist, adventurer and educator, Eduqas
Download: Presentation PDF

Could geography save the world?
Paul Turner, Head of Geography, Bedales School
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

The end of the great acceleration: why it’s good for the planet, the economy and our lives
Professor Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, University of Oxford
Download: Presentation PDF

Real world enquiry

Wakey, wakey Rosenshine! GIS and geography pedagogy
Dr Katie Hall, GIS for Schools programme manager, and Jason Sawle, Head of Education, ESRI UK
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

No more #CartoFails: Critical cartography for 21st century geography
David Morgan, Development Officer, Field Studies Council
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Get your head out of the (word) clouds: analysing qualitative data using coding
Charlotte Foster, Senior Tutor, FSC Flatford Mill and FOLSIG member
Download Powerpoint Presentation
Download: Resources zip file

Autistic spectrum disorder and fieldwork
Rachel Glendening
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Geography curriculum planning

What’s your curriculum intent?
Judy Gleen
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Strengthening geography curricular thinking through subject scholarship
Grace Healy
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Planning your coherent geography curriculum 11-16: an introduction to design tools
David Gardner, Consultant to the GA
Download: Presentation PDF
Download: KS3 planning template

Scale in Primary geography
Anthony Barlow, Principal Lecturer in Primary Geography Education, University of Roehampton
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Where’s the fun? Delivering an engaging key stage 3 curriculum
Charlotte Syme,  Learning Leader of Geography, Seven Kings School
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Case studies of a changing world

Enquiry-based learning into water management: a case study using the River Chess
Professor Kate Heppell, Professor of Physical Geography and Kate Amis, Widening participation and School’s liaison officer, Queen Mary, University of London
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

The infamous Eyjafjallajökull: 10 years on
Karen Corfield, Area Manager, Discover the World Education
Download: Powerpoint Presentation

Participatory geography: Layers of London and the Booth poverty maps
Adam Corsini, Public Engagement Officer, Layers of London, The Institute of Historical Research
No download available

Is Africa developing? Challenging some popular perspectives
Professor Tony Binns, School of Geography, University of Otago, New Zealand
Download: Powerpoint presentation 

The world is sound: geographies of British-Asian dance music
Tariq Jazeel
Download: Powerpoint presentation
Download: Further links


Other sessions

These sessions were originally included in the Annual Conference 2020 programme but were not included in the eConference 2020 programme.

Making KS3 really matter
Rachel Kay, Head of Geography at Salendine Nook High School and SPC member
Delivered by GA Secondary Phase Committee
Watch: Lecture recording

Making geography matter on DofE expeditions
Paul Hunt, Subject Leader – Geography, The Appleton School 
Watch: Lecture recording


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