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Manchester 2019 session downloads

From 9-11 April we welcomed more than 800 delegates from all over the world to take part in a range of lectures, workshops, field visits and social events and find out about the latest ideas, resources and support in primary and secondary geography.

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Session downloads

Materials will continue to be added over the following weeks. Please note that the contents of these presentations have been compiled by each presenter and are not the property of the GA. If you have any copyright queries, please contact the GA (

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Presidential lecture All KS
Celebrating geography
Dr Stephen Scoffham, President of the Geographical Association
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Download: Lecture notes

Keynote address All KS
Social mobility: Is human capital the most under-utilised natural resource?
Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education of the United Kingdom (2016–2018) and Member of Parliament

Video of lecture:

Download: Lecture notes

Lecture Plus 3 KS3–4
Let me tell you a (geographical) story: developing a narrative-led curriculum
Alan Parkinson, Head of geography, King’s Ely Junior
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 4 P16
Place meanings and representations: creative curriculum-making at A level
Simon Oakes, geography author and consultant
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture Plus 5 KS3-P16
Optimism, progress and geography – celebration and calibration
David Alcock, Geography Teacher, Bradford Grammar School
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 6 KS2–P16
Drones: disruptive technology and a useful fieldwork tool?
Richard Allaway, Geographer with

Lecture Plus 7 KS2-3
Celebrating sustainable tourism: Key facts, new developments and case studies

Ian Corbett, Senior Manager, Sustainability, TUI UK and Ireland, Alan Parkinson, RGS Fellow, Chartered Geographer, Primary Geography Champion and Head of Geography at King’s Ely School, and Madeleine Duggan, TUI Better World Detectives Project Manager
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 12 KS3–P16
Big data: big geography?
Steve Brace, Head of Education, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 14 KS4-P16
Climate change teaching ideas
James Riley, Head of Geography, The Perse School
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 15 KS4-P16
The future of British High Streets
Dr Steve Millington, Director, The Institute of Place Management
Link: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 22 KS3-P16
Urban refugees in Ethiopia: surviving or thriving?

Dr Peter Mackie, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 25 KS3–P16
Every little helps… Managing budgets worth celebrating!

Emma Johns, Head of Geography, Hitchin Girls’ School, and other members of GA SPC

Download: Powerpoint presentation

Lecture 28 KS2–P16
Story time: Celebrating real-life geography success stories (‘Inspiring Geography Stories’ Project)
Kit Rackley, Educational blogger, GeogRamblings and Education and Program Officer, WEMC
Link to stories 1-3 from the project
Link to stories 4-6 from the project
Link to “Geography: Will You Marry Me” performance poem (also performed at TeachMeet)


Workshop 3 EY-P16
Running fieldwork on no budget
Charlotte Foster, Nick Lapthorn and Paula Richardson, members of GA FOLSIG
Download: Handout
Download: Fieldwork Survey Outcomes- Constraints

Workshop 9 KS3–P16
Developing high-quality mentoring in geography education
Lauren Hammond, Lecturer in Geography Education, UCL Institute of Education, Dr David Mitchell, Lecturer in Geography Education, UCL Institute of Education, and Maria Palombo, Teaching Fellow in Geography Education, UCL Institute of Education
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 12 KS2-P16
Introduction to Philosophy for Children (P4C) in geography
Julia Lee, Subject Leader, St Benedict’s Catholic High School, and Myles Hamilton, geography teacher
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 20 KS4–P16
Building independent learning into fieldwork programmes
Chloe Searl, Independent Field Studies Tutor 
Download: PowerPoint presentation
Download: Worksheet 1 What does an Independent Researcher look like
Download: Worksheet 2 Independent Research Diary
Download: Worksheet 3 Independent Working Checklist
Download: Worksheet 4 Independent Working Self Assessment Quiz
Download: Worksheet 5 Question Your Place Writing Frame
Download: Worksheet 6 Question Your Place Analysis
Download: Worksheet 7 Independent Title Balloon Debate
Download: Worksheet 8 Design the Perfect Field Research
Download: Worksheet 9 What is the Data

Workshop 28 P16 1.218
Exploring higher-order thinking skills in A level geography
Shelley Monk, Subject Advisor for geography, OCR
Download: Powerpoint presentation
Download: Activity 3
Download: Blooms planning sheet

Workshop 32 KS4
Oh my geo! Enhancing conceptual understanding through games

Priscilla Tan, Head of Geography, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Siang Yee Lim, Teacher, and Khairunnisa Siti, teacher
Download: Powerpoint presentation
Download: Student handbook

Workshop 36 KS3–P16 2.218
Creative ideas from the Secondary Geography Quality Mark
Dr Rebecca Kitchen, CPD, Curriculum and Marketing Manager, Geographical Association
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 40 EY-KS2
Go batty for geography!

Dr Sharon Witt, Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester, and Dr Helen Clarke, Academic Head of Department – BA primary
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 45 KS4
Reflections on teaching case studies for the new specifications

Gary Dawson, Head of Geography, Coppice Performing Arts School and member of GA SPC, and other members of SPC
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 50 KS1–2
Creative ideas from the Primary Geography Quality Mark
Jon Cannell, Primary Curriculum Leader, Geographical Association
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 52 KS3-P16
The future is bright – a positive outlook towards global issues
Liz Smith, Head of Humanities, Seaford Head School, East Sussex, and Karen Haward, Geography Consultant, Harris Federation 
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Workshop 57 KS3
Creativity in geography
Lauren Day, Curriculum Leader and Expert Practitioner of Geography, Maricourt Catholic High School
Download: Activity 1 Building of the bypass
Download: Activity 2 Mystery Landform
Download: Activity 3 Brazilian Police Incident Report
Download: Activity 3 Suspects
Download: Delegates pack

Workshop 59
Fix my fieldwork: Responding to the examiner reports
Janine Maddison, Geography Support Officer, Field Studies Council, and Dr Rebecca Kitchen, CPD, Curriculum and Marketing Manager, Geographical Association
Download: Powerpoint presentation
Donwload: Hexagon Secondary Sources
Donwload: Ideas for teaching sampling
Donwload: Secondary sources structure strip
Donwload: What’s the issue – sampling
Download: What’s the issue – secondary data
Download: Developing evaluation skills Bethany example
Download: GCSE Summary with Evaluation
Download: Talking Aloud
Download: What’s the issue – developing answers
Download: What’s the issue-evaluation

Workshop 72 KS3–P16
Developing independent learning and critical thinking
Matthew Williams, Teacher of Geography and Head of Year 9
Download: Powerpoint presentation
Download: Activity 1 – Critical Thinking in Geography
Download: Activity 2 – Geographical Enquiry Question Generator
Download: Activity 3 – Image sequencing and captions
Download: Activity 4 – Key Global Issue Template
Download: Critical Thinking Research Links and Other Activities to Try

Workshop 74 KS3–P16
The plate tectonic story
Dave Turner, Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU) facilitator
Download: Powerpoint presentation

Field visits

Contemporary fieldwork techniques in Manchester
Philip Monk, Chair, FOLSIG, Geoff Jenkins, Ex Officio member, FOLSIG and Charlotte Foster, Member, FOLSIG
Download: Activity sheet
Download: Mood record sheet

Observing Manchester’s bee-haviour
KS4 -P16
Charlotte Foster, Senior Tutor, Field Studies Council, and GA FOLSIG Member
Download: Handout
Download: ICA pics of bees
Download: Overview notes

Research papers

Does geography have an image problem? Exploring the perceptions and attitudes of
minority ethnic groups towards geography education
Hafsa Garcia, teacher of geography, The Portsmouth Grammar School
Download: Powerpoint presentation


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