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Sheffield 2023 session downloads

Session downloads

Session download materials from Conference 2023 will continue to be added over the following weeks. Please note that the contents of these presentations have been compiled by each presenter and are not the property of the GA. If you have any copyright queries, please contact the GA (



Alan Parkinson, GA Past President 2021-22
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Lecture 1
Government geography profession
Claire Edwards, Defra
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 3 (KS3–P16)
‘Part of the furniture’: working together to embed GIS
Denise Freeman, GA Vice President, and Brendan Conway, Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Notre Dame Senior School
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture Plus 1 (KS3–P16)
RETEACH: wider geographical reading for the classroom
Kit Marie Rackley, Freelance Educator, Geogramblings, Consultant to the GA and Science Communicator, NASBTT
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture Plus 2 (KS3–4)
Progression, assessment and curriculum design working together: a classroom collaboration
Presented by the GA Assessment and Examinations Special Interest Group
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 4 (EYFS-KS2)
Improving fieldwork outcomes through school–ITE collaboration
Julia Mackintosh, University of Hertfordshire, and Stuart Halley, Prince of Wales Primary School, Enfield
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 4 (KS3–P16)
Visualising, demonstrating and understanding atmospheric pressure
Dr Sylvia Knight, Head of Education, Royal Meteorological Society
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 5 (KS1–4)
The four Cs: a whole-school approach to the climate and nature emergencies
Clive Belgeonne, Education Advisor, DECSY
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 8 (KS2–4)
Curriculum collaborations: practical experiences from Wales
Fiona Rennie, Head of Geography, Friars School, Bangor
Presented by the GA Welsh Special Interest Group
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 6 (KS2–P16)
Child migrant stories: centring young people’s experiences of migration through film
Dr Eithne Nightingale, Postdoctoral Researcher, Queen Mary University of London
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 8 (EYFS–KS3)
Field-visiting: a collective geographical endeavour
Helen Clarke and Dr Sharon Witt, @Attention2Place
Download: PDF


Workshop 13 (KS2–4)
School communities working together for a more sustainable future
Joanna Ford, Teacher of Geography and Ecoschools Champion, Ashfield School
Presented by the GA Sustainability and Citizenship Special Interest Group
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Reporting Research
Global inequality and the climate crisis in KS3 geography: Cameroon
Dr Christine Winter, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Sheffield School of Education and GA Research Engagement Lead, with Alesha de Fonseka, Melis Cin, Parvati Raghuram and Manu Lekunze
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 19 (KS1–P16)
Building confidence and enhancing fieldwork for early career teachers
Scott Wycherley, Education Manager, Field Studies Council, and Dr Rebecca Kitchen, GA Head of Professional Development
Download: PowerPoint Presentation 


Lecture 14 (All KS)
Divergent geographers: mudlarks of the Thames foreshore
Tom Chivers, Queen Mary University of London
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 24 (KS4–P16)
Young People at a Crossroads: sharing and extending resources

Dr Catherine Walker, Research Associate, University of Manchester
Download: PowerPoint Presentation
Download: PDF


Lecture Plus 10 (KS2–P16)
Towards an educational case for social and political issues in the geography curriculum

Dr Alex Standish, Associate Professor of Geography Education, UCL Institute of Education
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture Plus 11 (KS2–P16)
Are you a model geographer?
Duncan Hawley, Chair of GA Physical Geography Special Interest Group
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 25 (All KS)
Working collaboratively with the GA’s Framework for the school geography curriculum
Alan Kinder, GA Chief Executive
Download: PowerPoint Presentation



Workshop 30 (EYFS–KS3)
Scarecrow geographies: field wisdom
Dr Sharon Witt and Helen Clarke, @Attention2Place, and Colin Walker, former Senior Lecturer in ITE
Download: PDF


Lecture 17 (KS3–P16)
I shall be released: collaborative escapades in space and time
Brendan Conway, Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Notre Dame Senior School, and Alistair Hamill, Head of Geography, Lurgan College
Download: PowerPoint Presentation part 1
Download: PowerPoint Presentation part 2


Workshop 35 (All KS)
What does it mean to ‘get better’ at teaching geography?
Dr Rebecca Kitchen, GA Head of Professional Development
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 18 (KS2–P16)
Learning from, not about: the pedagogies of inclusive case studies
Adam O’Connor, Lead Geography Consultant, Karen Haward, Senior Geography Consultant and CPD Lead, and Radhika Chandrasingh, Geography Consultant and EDI Lead, Harris Federation
Sponsored by OCR
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Reporting Research (KS3) 
Racial literacy research in secondary
Dr Christine Winter, Alison Grasmeder, Yinka Olusoga and Jamal Lahmar
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 48 (KS2–P16)
Fieldwork for the first time
Chloe Searl, Independent Field Studies Tutor, The Island Geographer
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture Plus 20 (KS3–P16)
A new approach to farming
Dr Alison Brown, Geography Education Researcher, University of East Anglia
Download: PDF


Lecture Plus 15 (KS3–4)
Strategies in implementing a coherent and collaborative 11–16 geography curriculum with progression and assessment at its heart
David Gardner, Consultant to the GA
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 36 (All KS)
Improving the diversity, equity and inclusiveness of geography qualifications
Laura Westcott, Senior Qualification Manager, Pearson, and Hamda Sheikh, Preston Manor High School
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Reporting Research (KS3–4)
Supporting young people’s wellbeing in curriculum-based environmental education
Rachel Manning, ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Exeter
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Teacher-to-Teacher (KS3–P16)
Why should we collaborate with the psychology department?
Emily Chandler, Geography Teacher, St George’s The British International School, Düsseldorf Rhein-Ruhr
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 39 (KS4)
Case studies to raise student attainment
Jane Ferretti and Michelle Minton, Hodder Education Wideworld Magazine Editorial Board
Sponsored by Hodder Education
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Workshop 42 (KS1–P16)
Leave only footprints? Ideas for environmentally sensitive outdoor learning
Helen Robinson, Lead Education and Youth Officer, New Forest National Park
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 27 (P16)
NEA delivery: an AQA case study
Rhiannon Jonathan, Head of Geography, Egglescliffe School
Sponsored by AQA
Download: PowerPoint Presentation


Lecture 29 (KS2–P16)
Geography – for comic effect
Dr Gemma Sou, Lecturer, University of Manchester, and Alan Parkinson, GA Past President
Download: PDF


Academic Spotlight (All KS)
Urbanisation, land development and community compensation in China
Rob Stevens, Sheffield Hallam University
Download: PDF

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