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Propose a session for the GA Annual Conference

The next Annual Conference and Exhibition will take place at Oxford Brookes University with the theme Connected Geographies on 10–12 April 2025. On this page you can find out more about how to propose a session and what to expect. 

Proposals for conference sessions will be accepted until 31 August 2024.

Connected geographies

The world is a complex and interconnected place. The physical landscape has shaped the human world as we know it and humans have altered natural environments. Globalisation has changed the world and has been made possible through the interconnections that people have created.

As geographers we help others to make sense of the connections between people, places and environments by thinking synoptically. To achieve a sustainable future, we need to understand how the different physical and human components of the world are connected and how these connections are changing. As teachers of geography, we need to develop our students into global citizens who are knowledgeable about the connected world and understand how their actions can impact other people’s lives and the natural environment. As geographers, we need to connect with others beyond our discipline and outside the academic community.

Cross-curricular themes are invaluable, as are exploring connections across key stages and with higher education institutions. We can also network with other associations and NGOs to work together to understand our connected world. The theme of ‘Connected Geographies’ has something that geographers from different institutions and disciplines can contribute to. This could include:

  • interactions between physical and human geography
  • how geography develops global citizens
  • sustainable geographies
  • how children connect to their geography
  • impacts of connection on diverse populations
  • how fieldwork connects us to reality
  • cross-curricular and cross-phase connections
  • working with other institutions, professions and NGOs.

Hina Robinson, GA Vice President 2023–24

Session formats

Workshops are 50-minute sessions. They include interaction and discussion between participants and the facilitator, practical activities with a resource or stimulus and a clear sense of purpose and outcomes. Participants should leave with practical materials for classroom use, these can be physical or digital.

Lectures have clear objectives and are 50-minute sessions that will normally include a 40-minute presentation and 10 minutes of question time.

Lecture Plus sessions include a 25-minute lecture, presented by leading geographers, followed by discussions on classroom implications, applications and possibilities.

Field visits can range in length and take place on any day of the Conference giving delegates a chance to explore the geography of the local area. In your proposal please make sure to indicate clear start and end times, as well as any extra information a delegate may need to know to plan their attendance.

These innovative, 25-minute sessions offer you a unique opportunity for professional conversation about what you do best. These sessions are an informal exchange of teaching ideas and experiences and give everyone a chance to share and celebrate innovative and stimulating materials with other teachers.

The sessions focus on and reporting recent research into geographical education. The papers should be relevant to teachers of geography in primary or secondary schools or in FE colleges, as well as fellow researchers in the field of geography education. Research paper sessions are 20 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions.

If you are unsure about which format suits your session best, why not take a look at our previous conference materials for some guidance, or alternatively get in touch with us at the GA for support.

Our process

All sessions are carefully reviewed by the Conference Planning Board, which is composed of non-partisan volunteers and staff, using the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the session to the Presidential theme – Connected Geographies
  • Suitability of the session to the proposed format
  • Overall session content
  • Relevance of the session to the geography teaching community
  • Clarity of proposal

Sessions are reviewed both individually and in the context of other proposals. Your idea’s similarity to other sessions in the programme is also considered and you may be asked to make revisions to your session. We are not able to accept every proposal we receive but feedback is given to all unsuccessful submissions.

To view an example form before submitting please click here.

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Important information

  1. Data collection: personal information supplied here will be stored confidentially and used only for conference communication purposes.
  2. Usage: session titles and descriptions provided will be used to construct the conference handbook. Edits to your title or description may be suggested on acceptance of the proposal into the programme.
  3. Pathways: your choice of conference pathway will be used internally as an indicator to construct the conference programme. In the interests of programme balance this may not be the pathway in which your session finally rests.
  4. Presenters: please be aware that we can only include up to three presenters in the final printed literature for the conference.
  5. Handbook listing: you may only list yourself as lead presenter on one session. Any other sessions you submit must be led by another member of your project.
  6. Equipment: all rooms at the venue are supplied with computers, whiteboards and standard AV equipment required for hybrid sessions. If you require any other equipment please make sure we are aware one full month before the event.
  7. Streaming: our session may be selected to be live-streamed on the day. If you would prefer to opt out of this at any point please contact us at least a month before the event.
  8. Committee sessions: GA Phase Committees and Special Interest Groups are invited to submit session proposals. Phase Committees can submit a maximum of two session proposals and Special Interest Groups can submit a maximum of one session proposal. All proposals will go through the Conference Planning Board to ensure a balanced programme and feedback will be offered if required.
  9. Expenses: Please note no presenter expenses will be available however all speakers will be eligible for free attendance at Conference on the day of their session.

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