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Study Tours

Group of teachers on study tour

Each year the GA’s International Special Interest Group (ISIG) organises an overseas GA Study Tour for teachers of geography. The tours introduce geographical educators to key aspects of the contemporary geography of the destination country. Past tours have included visits to Borneo, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Upcoming Study Tours

Following a successful tour to Borneo in the summer of 2023, Flooglebinder in association with the GA’s International Special Interest Group is really excited to announce that the next two study trips will be to the Azores in 2024 and to Costa Rica in 2025.

We felt that it would be better to plan further ahead and give you the opportunity to explore both short and long-haul destinations, giving you the chance to choose, save and plan accordingly.

If you would like to join us please complete the interest form and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact or call +44 (0)203 633 0163.

Azores 2024

27 July – 3 August 2024

Day 1: Arrive in Ponta Delgada and explore the city
Days 2: Hike and discover Sete Cidades
Day 3: Whale and dolphin watching, marine biodiversity lecture
Day 4: Coal Cave, Centre for Volcanology and Geothermal Energy, Lagoa do Fogo
Day 5: Furnas
Day 6: Nordeste Bullfinch project
Day 7: Depart
Cost: £1,400 pp

Embark on this once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the Azores for a week of hydrology, species conservancy and geothermal energy. 

Hike, kayak and cycle around Sete Cidades, expanding your knowledge of the conservation of endemic flora and fauna and the volcanic activity that shapes this breathtaking archipelago. 

Enjoy a boat safari to identify the native cetaceans and other marine species, as well as biodiversity workshops and a visit to Planalto dos Graminhais – a site of Azores Bullfinch conservation success.

Dive into the theory behind the formation of the Azores archipelago at the Monitoring Centre for Volcanology and Geothermal Energy of the Azores (OVGA). 

Costa Rica 2025

Dates TBC

Day 1: Arrive in Osa
Day 2–6: Terrestrial and marine conservation project
Day 7: Surfing and sunset in the canopy tower
Day 8: Waterfall hike and lagoon swim
Day 9: Leave Osa peninsula
Day 10–11: Adventure trekking, surfing and more
Day 12: Transfer back to the airport for departure
Cost: £2,200 pp

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Osa Peninsula – home to over 50% of Costa Rica’s biodiversity – and the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Explore terrestrial and marine conservation; sustainability projects aimed at tackling climate change; and a range of ecosystems from the rainforest to the ocean. 

Learn about coastal and terrestrial systems on this unique peninsula and explore one of the planet’s beautiful biodiversity hotspots. You’ll visit sea turtle hatcheries, coffee, sugar and banana plantations, and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. 

You will also get the chance to hike and surf and broaden your knowledge of the importance of sustainable agriculture and local industry, and how they relate to the SDGs.

Previous Study Tours

Borneo Study Tour 2023

The 2023 Borneo Study Tour in July had a focus on conservation and sustainability in Borneo. The tour offered visits to jungles, beaches and river safaris with the possibility to see monkeys, bats, orangutans and proboscis monkeys.

Download: Study tour poster


Nicaragua Study Tour 2022

The 2021 Nicaragua Study Tour was rearranged for 2022 due to COVID-19. This trip provided the opportunity to visit several environmental and renewable projects, active volcanoes and the Biosphere Reserve BOSAWAS.

Download: Study tour poster

An Online Teaching Resource has been created following the themes of the Nicaragua Study Tour.


India Study Tour 2019

The study tour 2019 is a unique opportunity to explore the huge diversity of this fascinating and rapidly developing country. There will be multiple relevant learning opportunities for both human and physical geographers on this study tour which will take you to both to the north and south of the country.

Download: Study tour poster

An Online Teaching Resource has been developed where you can explore the key themes of the India Study Tour.


Russia Study Tour 2015

The purpose of the St. Petersburg–Republic of Karelia–Murmansk joint British-Russian Geography Study Tour was to provide an opportunity to investigate at first hand the geography of the Northwest region of Russia, a territory of unique natural resources and specific cultural traditions, history and contemporary human and economic activities. In the photoset you will find images of landmarks encountered on the tour alongside links to further information about the sites. The PowerPoint gives a full itinerary of the tour and further images.

Download: Photoset

Download: PowerPoint


Cooler China Study Tour 2014

This tour took a path less frequented by visitors, passing Beijing, Harbin (Heilongjiang Province), Changchun (Jilin), Shenyang and Dalian (Liaoning) in the North East region of China. The itinerary addressed geographical themes of urban development and planning, water resource management, flood control, wetland conservation, population policy, tourism management, volcanic landscapes, agricultural change and transport geography.

Download: Tour summary and evaluation

Download: Cooler China tour booklet


Ethiopia Study Tour 2013

Resources produced by tour participants that investigate a range of topics, including ‘villigisation’, trade, aid and development.

Ethiopia study tour resources:

Download part 1

Download part 2

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