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Exams for 2022 – GA position

*This article was updated on 28 May with the GA’s final consultation response*

Ofqual has chosen the busiest period for teachers in living memory to run a short, two week consultation in which it proposes simply to roll over this year’s changes to GCSE, AS and A level geography exams in 2022. The exercise sheds no light on whether exams will proceed in 2022, nor on any contingency plans should exams prove to be impossible. Instead, the proposals focus purely on removing any entitlement to fieldwork for students at GCSE, AS or A level.

The GA disagrees strongly and fundamentally with this position and sets out its counter-proposals in the response below. Our response is built on input GA volunteers and members provided last summer (before fieldwork entitlement was removed for 2021), with additional input from teachers, members and volunteers over the past couple of weeks.

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said:

“Any amendments to qualifications for 2022 must of course take account of the additional strain placed on the education system by the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, Ofqual’s proposals to remove a student’s entitlement to fieldwork undermines one of the central pillars of geography and will impact on student progress and further study. The GA urges Ofqual and exam boards to work much harder to refine these proposals and to produce a package of support for teachers so that fieldwork can be re-introduced to geography qualifications in a staged, safe and manageable way. Our students deserve this and Ofqual’s proposal to deny them their entitlement should be roundly criticised.”

View the GA’s consulation response