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GA Advocacy for geography archive

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On this page, you will find an archive of the GA’s work to advocate for geography in education.

This archive contains documents and links prior to the year 2012. Anything more recent than 2012 can be found on the main Advocacy for geography page.


General advocacy

GA and Geological Society letter to the Department for Education: the key concepts in Earth science to which all students should be introduced at school? (December 2011)

  • Response to the review of the National Curriculum for England from a number of organisations, including the GA, offering guidance on the key knowledge, understanding and concepts in Earth science which we believe all school students should be introduced to through science and geography.


Wolf Review of 14-19 Vocational Education – GA response (March 2011)

  • The GA’s response to a major independent review of vocational education for 14-19 year olds led by Professor Alison Wolf of King’s College London. October 2010. The report was published on 3 March 2011 and is available to download from the DfE website.


GA Think Piece in response to ‘The Importance of Teaching’ White Paper (November 2010)

  • This paper was prepared by Professor David Lambert as a comment on and response to particular aspects of the White Paper, The Importance of Teaching, 24 November 2010. It is especially concerned with plans for curriculum assessment and qualifications.


Ofsted consultation: Generic grade descriptors and draft supplementary subject specific guidance for inspectors for geography – GA response (July 2010)

  • This response was compiled by the GA Education Committee and Curriculum Leadership team.


DFID/DCSF consultation: Global Learning for Schools – GA response (May 2010)

  • This document contains the GA’s response to the joint DFID/DCSF Global Learning For Schools consultation sent in May 2010.


DECC Consultation: Low Carbon Skills – Joint response including the GA (May 2010)

  • This document forms a joint response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Low Carbon Skills consultation. It was put together by the DEA in conjunction with the RSPB, the Geographical Association, People and Planet, the East Midlands Network for Global Perspectives in Schools, and Osborne Middle School (May 2010).


Ofqual consultation: regulating for confidence in standards – GA response (March 2010)

  • Here is the GA’s response to the Ofqual consultation entitled ‘Regulating for confidence in standards’ in March 2010. Ofqual requested feedback on how they should meet their objectives, fulfill their duties and use their powers. Note: As this consultation was completed online, The PDF is in the form of screengrabs.


Commons Children, Schools and Families Select Committee Evidence Session: Learning outside the classroom – GA evidence paper on Geography in ‘the field’ (February 2010)

  • A paper submitted to the House of Commons Children, Schools and Families Committee Evidence Session on Learning Outside the Classroom in February 2010. It argues for the importance of fieldwork and LOTC in geography.


A different view: a manifesto from the Geographical Association – GA (2009)

  • The GA’s manifesto for geography, A Different View, describes geography as ‘one of humanity’s big ideas’ and makes a compelling case for geography’s place in the curriculum. It shows the value of thinking geographically and provides some important reflections on the changing role of fieldwork, demonstrating the practical importance of ‘real world’ geography.


DfID review: DfID’s work to Build Support for Development through the education system – GA submission on behalf of its Education Committee (October 2009)

  • The GA’s reponse to the ‘Review of DFID’s work to Build Support for Development through the education system‘. Compiled on behalf of the Education Committee of the Geographical Association by Angus Willson, and based on a three-year DAF project called ‘Valuing Places’ 2003-06 with part-funding from the Tubney Foundation.


Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum- GA response (July 2009)

  • This is the GA response to the primary curriculum reforms recommended by the Rose Review. Members of the GA that have contributed to this collaborative response include teachers, headteachers, lecturers, GA staff and consultants, LA representatives and members of the wider education authority.


Rose Interim Report on the primary curriculum – GA response (March 2009)

  • This longer document compiles responses to the interim report of the Rose Review and attempts to show the relationship of geography to other elements of the whole primary school.


Cambridge Primary Review of the primary curriculum – GA response (March 2009)

  • On 20 February 2009, The Cambridge Primary Review published a special, two-part report on the primary curriculum entitled ‘Towards a New Primary Curriculum‘. Here is a press release to the CfSA summarising the GA’s response to the report.


Secretary of State’s public consultation: proposed amendments to Level Descriptors – GA response (2008)

  • When the secondary curriculum was reviewed and subsequently implemented from September 2008, some amendments were proposed to the level descriptions to reflect changes to the secondary curriculum programmes of study. A consultation regarding the proposed revisions was issued by the DCSF. Here is the GA’s response to the level description revisions proposed for geography.


GA discussion paper: Level descriptions and assessment in geography (December 2006)

  • This is a discussion paper about level descriptions and assessment in geography prepared by John Hopkin for the Education Committee in December 2006.


Lambert- Subjects for the Future (November 2006)

  • An edited version of this piece by David Lambert was published in the TES on Friday 3 November 2006. The article responded to the results of a poll in National Geographic Kids Magazine which revealed that 20% of British students cannot identify the British Isles on a world map.


ESRI (UK): Bringing Geography into the 21st Century (July 2005)

  • Roy Laming of ESRI (UK) discusses the increasing use of GIS in a variety of capacities, and looks at ways in which it can be used to enhance geographical education.


GA response to: ‘Education: Teach facts not twaddle’ (April 2005)

  • David Lambert’s response to an article by Chris Woodhead published in The Times on 3rd April 2005. The original article entitled ‘Education: Teach facts not twaddle’ can be viewed here.


GA discussion document: The Power and Future of Geography (February 2005)

  • This is a discussion document. It follows a special seminar held on 26 February 2005 involving 21 leading members of the Association with direct teaching and other professional experience across all phases. The group drew from experience in teaching, teacher education, inspection, consultancy, ASTs, curriculum development projects and education research.


Bennetts – Improving pupils’ geographical understanding… (February 2005)

  • The aim of this paper is to explain why achieving an improvement in the quality of pupils’ geographical understanding is, to a large degree, dependent on teachers gaining a clearer grasp of the nature of understanding, in general, and geographical understanding, in particular. By Trevor Bennetts, February 2005.


GA opinion piece: Why Subjects Really Matter (January 2005)

  • ‘Why subjects really matter’ is David Lambert’s opinion piece on the importance of subjects in education written in January 2005.


Jackson and Massey – Thinking Geographically (January 2005)

  • In this article Peter Jackson and Doreen Massey discuss the importance of thinking geographically in an increasingly inter-dependent world.


Lambert and Roberts – Geography, history and the informed citizen… (January 2005)

  • This is a revised version of an earlier paper discussing the development of a 14-19 humanities curriculum. By David Lambert and Martin Roberts, updated January 2005.


QCA Geography Team Report: meeting the challenge (January 2005)

  • This QCA Geography Team report prepared by Michael Naish and Eleanor Rawling followed a summit held in January 2005 as part of the Futures Project.


GA letter to David Bell on ‘The Power of Geography’ (November 2004)

  • ‘The Power of Geography’ is David Lambert’s original response to the comments made by David Bell in November 2004.


National curriculum reform

Documents relating to National Curriculum reform and/or related to the 5-14 age range. See also the National curriculum reform timeline.


Department for Education National Curriculum Review – GA Response (April 2011)

  • Call for evidence, consultation response to the National Curriculum Review on the importance of continued geographical education.


GCSE reform

Documents relating to GCSE reform and/or related to the 14-16 age range. See also the GCSE reform timeline.


Commons Education Select Committee enquiry: the English Baccalaureate – GA response (March 2011)

  • Evidence submitted to the Parliamentary Select Committee for Education relating to the English Baccalaureate.


A level reform

Documents relating to A Level reform and/or related to the Post 16 age range. See also the A Level reform timeline.

Nothing prior to 2012 available. See the main Advocacy for geography page


Teacher training and supply

GA policy documents relating to Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and teacher supply.


DfE consultation: QTLS and overseas teachers – response from the GA Teacher Education Special Interest Group (December 2011)

  • Response to the DfE consultation ‘Proposed changes to allow qualified teachers from further education and from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to become permanent teachers in English schools’ by the GA’s Teacher Education Special Interest Group.


DfE consultation: ITT strategy – response from the GA Teacher Education Special Interest Group (July 2011)

  • Response to the DfE consultation ‘Training our next generation of outstanding teachers. An improvement strategy for discussion’ by the GA’s Teacher Education Special Interest Group.


CFSA framework blueprint: subject association engagement with the Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL) programme – GA Response (January 2010)

  • This is the Geographical Association’s response to the CFSA framework blueprint for subject association engagement with the Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL) programme.


Commons Children, Schools and Families Select Committee inquiry: initial teacher training – response from the GA Teacher Education Special Interest Group (February 2009)

  • The Children, Schools and Families Committee have been undertaking an inquiry into Initial Teacher Training (ITT). Here is the consultation response from the GA, prepared by the Teacher Education Special Interest Group, and complete with Appendices.


National Research Reports

Nothing prior to 2012 available. See the main Advocacy for geography page


Policy matters

Nothing prior to 2012 available. See the main Advocacy for geography page

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