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GA celebrates 125 years of furthering geographical knowledge

The GA has commissioned a video to mark the conclusion of its 125th anniversary celebrations. Founded by a small group of teachers in 1893, who came together to share ideas and resources, the video celebrates the scope and significance of the GA’s work in support of geography in schools today. Through interviews with teachers and with key figures in the world of geography education, the video explores why geography is an essential part of the curriculum and how the GA helps to further geographical knowledge and understanding in schools.

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said, ‘To my mind, there has never been a time when geography education has been more important than today. The future that young people are going to create for themselves means they will need to get hold of some serious global challenges, such as climate change and inequality. Geography holds the key to that understanding and helps them to make sense of their world.’

To watch the new video and find out more about how you can support the GA in its work click here.