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GA completes latest round of international consultancy

Alan Kinder (far right) with the World Bank team in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo by Nguyễn Thị Kiều Trinh

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder and Secondary Curriculum Leader Rebecca Kitchen completed the latest phase of their international work in Vietnam and Croatia.

The GA’s expertise in curriculum reform and specialist pedagogy has gained an international reputation in recent years. Last year, Alan Kinder was appointed as an International Advisory Board member to a World Bank-funded programme to reform the curriculum, curriculum materials and teacher training in Vietnam, advising on the reform of the social sciences.

In June 2018, Alan completed his fourth visit to Vietnam. With the national public consultation there now complete, it was a chance to put the finishing touches to brand new curriculum frameworks for geography and other social sciences from grades 1-12.

‘The new social sciences subject curriculum represents a substantial investment in the future of the young people of Vietnam. Geography and related social sciences play a critical role in preparing young people to take their place in society and to progress in their education and careers.

‘Through these curriculum subjects, young people gain better understanding of themselves in the world. By studying the relationship between people and their environments and processes that create change, continuity and diversity across the Earth, they begin to prepare themselves to be the ethical and informed citizens of tomorrow. The new social sciences curriculum for Vietnam takes on this ambitious agenda.’

Alan Kinder

In May 2018, Rebecca Kitchen worked with education experts in Croatia to design and deliver training on problem solving. Croatia is currently undergoing wholescale curriculum reform, moving from a didactic approach to one that develops problem solving and related learning outcomes through participatory pedagogies.

The purposes of the project were to develop online materials for use in pilot schools and to train 100 teacher mentors to support a national roll out.

Becky said: ‘This project has real potential to change teaching and learning in Croatia. The materials were well-received by teachers and built upon the platform of expertise, pedagogies and examples developed during the GA’s involvement with the British Council Connecting Classrooms project.’