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Chairman: Mr Ian Whittle

All lectures commence at 7:15pm University of Huddersfield, Oastler Building in Room OA4/02. Parking is available on Queens Street South; see the campus map below for directions.

Membership of the Huddersfield and Halifax Branch is £10 a year. Visitors are welcome.

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Upcoming events

To find all up and coming branch events take a look at the GA Networking Calendar.

26 Sept (Room OA4/02) - “The Closed country of Yemen” – Mike Kelley

Yemen is a uniquely beautiful country but it is in a very sad state, Mike will show how Yemen would be on the world’s tourist routes if it were not so violent. He will show the amazing architecture and stunning views which most have not seen previously and would not think possible. He will consider why this is now a “failed” state to which Westerners can no longer travel.

31 Oct (Room OA4/02) - "China – a harmonious society?" – Sarah Maud

Sarah’s presentation looks at the concept of social harmony in China, which dates back to Confucius and which is a priority for Xi Jinping. It is recognised today as a response to the increasing social injustice and inequality as a result of unchecked economic growth and her talk is a geographer’s illustrated view on the spatial inequalities and prospects for achieving this goal in the increasingly regulated Chinese society.

28 Nov (Room OA4/02) - “A walk in the Himalayas” – Paul Richard

Paul’s presentation begins in Kathmandu before taking a flight to Lukla, the most dangerous ‘airport’ in the world. He then treks to the Sherpa village of Narnche Bazaar then on to Gokyo, the Cho La glacier, climbing over the Cho La Pass at 20,000ft before descending to Everest Base Camp and the Thyangboche Monastery

23 Jan (Room OA4/02) - “Cycling the Hebridean Way” – Anthony and Kathleen Dearden

The archipelago which forms the string of islands known as The Outer Hebrides consists of 10 islands linked by 8 causeways and two ferry journeys. It has recently joined a list of classic British long distance cycle routes such as The Coast to Coast and the Way of the Roses. In 2019, six Huddersfield pensioners planned and completed this challenge.

27 Feb (Room OA4/02) - “Meeting Zambia’s rural electricity needs with off-grid innovations” – Matt Snell

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No7 aims to provide universal access to electricity by 2030. Today less than 25% of people living in Sub Saharan Africa enjoy such access. This talk will explain how various solar-powered technologies can be affordable alternatives to extensions of the national electricity grid systems. It will showcase the work of a not-for- profit enterprise in Zambia which focuses on providing access to electricity to people living in remote rural areas

26 Mar (Room OA4/02) - “Limestone quarrying in the Yorkshire Dales” – David Johnson

Limestone has been one of the most indispensable building materials in Britain. The impact of its extraction in the Yorkshire Dales, once one of the most productive quarrying areas in Britain, has been huge. The area had thrown up many innovative entrepreneurs, and limestone quarries are an integral feature of today’s landscape. This talk will give an account of lime’s myriad uses, and the historical and technological forces that led to each, explaining the impact it has had on one of the most beautiful parts of Britain

23 April (Room OA4/02) - AGM followed by: “Exploring sustainable development in Malawi” – Alan Dixon

Climate change and population growth are major challenges to sustainable development in Malawi, where 70% of the population live below the poverty line. This talk will investigate the challenges facing rural areas in Malawi, including agricultural sustainability, managing fishing stocks and building community institutions. These and other topics will be explored by taking the audience on a “field course” to Malawi, and introducing you to the reality of life for many people across this beautiful country.

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