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GA to create curriculum resources for Oak National Academy

The GA has been announced as one of Oak National Academy’s diverse range of new curriculum partners. The Association will work with Oak to produce high-quality, optional primary geography resources for schools across the country, based on a curriculum sequence devised by the GA. All materials will be available free of charge, via the Oak National Academy website.

In its announcement this week, Oak emphasised that all its curriculum materials will be developed independently of the Department for Education and that teachers will retain professional autonomy over the use of these optional lesson resources, deciding for themselves whether and how to use and adapt them for their own classrooms. As part of the agreement between the GA and Oak, the Association will also produce materials and guidance to help primary teachers take advantage of local opportunities for geographical learning.

As with the other subject areas and phases announced by Oak, the primary geography curriculum sequence and initial resources will be available on the Oak platform from the autumn term of 2023, with materials being rolled out throughout the school year. A full package of curriculum materials is due to be completed by September 2024.

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said:

‘The GA is looking forward to working as one of Oak National Academy’s new curriculum partners. This partnership will enable us to further support a large number of teachers of primary geography throughout the country, through the provision of high-quality lesson materials and curriculum plans written by expert teachers from the GA’s subject community. This collaboration will therefore complement the professional services the GA already provides to its members in primary schools nationally.’