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Geographical investigations around the house, garden, local area and school grounds

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Geographical investigations

During the COVID-19 lockdown the GA provided ideas to occupy, educate and entertain young children. Geography can provide the perfect opportunity for some creative exploration.

The summer term is the time when many schools build in fieldwork opportunities for students and the COVID-19 lockdown put an end to these. Fieldwork is an essential component of geography education. It allows young people to better understand the ‘messiness’ of ‘geographical reality’, develop their important subject knowledge and gain a range of skills that are difficult to develop in the classroom alone. However, the value of fieldwork is not simply the geographical value of experiencing landscape features such as glaciers and mountains, which aren’t found in your own back yard, or exploring an unfamiliar city. It also aids motivation and self-development. We would not perhaps recommend the sort of data collection that might have been carried out under the guidance of a geography teacher, but other more creative types of fieldwork are entirely possible.


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Further resources and links

Engage, enjoy, explore being at home is on online teacher resource available for members of the GA.

The GA’s Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group

Geography fieldwork

Fieldwork ideas for Early Years and Primary

These include ideas for geography poetry, 8-way thinking (encouraging children to count, smell and talk) and a set of Location Detective cards with some important geographical questions they can ask.

Secondary fieldwork resources

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Journal articles

Phillip, R. (2012) ‘Curiosity and fieldwork‘, Geography, 97, 2, pp. 78-85.


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