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Geography and global learning research report published

The Geographical Association (GA) has published a national research report on geography and global learning*, which draws on research collected by the GA from a wide range of schools engaged in global learning, including via the UK government’s 2013-18 Global Learning Programme (GLP).

The GLP involved linked programmes across the UK that aimed to improve the teaching and learning of development and global issues in half of UK state schools in key stages 2 and 3, so that students would develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of global poverty and the ways it can be reduced.

The context for the GA’s new national research report is the Association’s involvement as a lead partner in the design and delivery of the GLP in England and Wales which engaged over 10,000 schools in those countries.

Global learning is an approach to learning about development that emphasises the importance of linking people’s lives throughout the world. It involves knowledge and understanding about the world, skills and an examination of values so is closely aligned with geography in the school curriculum.

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said: ‘The critical importance of including international connections, so that the learning becomes truly global, stands out in this report. Its recommendations will be of interest to teachers, senior school leaders and others involved in education both in the UK and elsewhere.‘

The report identifies some key features in quality geography and global learning drawn from good practice across the country. It presents evidence from schools and sets out some recommendations for future developments or programmes in this area.

*Geography and global learning report available to download here