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GA Awards 2024

GA Awards 2024

Please follow the links provided for information about our Quality Marks and Physical Geography Student Photo Competition awardees.

Highly Commended



Andrea Tapsfield – GA Honorary Member

Andrea Tapsfield is a valued and long-standing member of the Geographical Association (GA) and Teacher Education Phase Committee (TEPC). She is the TEPC Secretary and has been involved in TEPC long enough to see the committee change its name three times. Her expertise was developed over a rich career, including 15 years as ITE HMI. With an eye on the constantly changing teacher education landscape, Andrea keeps up with policy reform and continues to track the state of the sector including collecting data on training providers, programmes, and recruitment. Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable on all things teacher education and has shared her wisdom with the wider community by publishing important texts on teacher education, mentoring and the supply of geography teachers in England. These include GA Blogs, articles for Teaching Geography and Geography, book chapters and of course the GA’s second National Report (2015) and the 2018 update. More recently, she has applied her substantial wealth of knowledge to restructure and re-write a huge area of the GA’s website which provides support and guidance for those applying to become secondary geography teachers, for trainees and early career teachers and for teacher trainers and mentors. Andrea continues to provide website updates and is sharing her valuable advice and is supporting the development of the GA’s primary website materials. Our roles as Chair and Vice-chair of TEPC, are fully supported with Andrea by our sides, and we constantly defer to Andrea for her long perspective and depth of expertise. Andrea is an outstanding ambassador and extraordinary member of the GA. It is Andrea’s sustained and active service to teacher education, the GA, its volunteer groups, publications and website which we feel warrants formal recognition with a significant honorary award from the GA, an award which is well overdue.

Julia Tanner – GA Honorary Member
Julia has made an outstanding contribution to the activities of the Geographical Association over many years. She has worked with all age phases of the Association especially the primary sector. As a trained councillor she has brought a powerful and much needed perspective on health and well-being to the work of the Association. Julia has contributed to key GA publications such as the Primary Geography Handbook (2005) and Leading Primary Geography (2019). She edited the Everyday Guides to Primary Geography (six titles) and has written extensively for the GA journal Primary Geography – her seminal article on progression in fieldwork experiences is widely quoted. As Chair of the GA publications board, Julia has had a significant impact on publications’ strategy and policy. Her leadership and ability to work with others and share ideas has been a crucial quality in respect. Through collaboration and co-operation, she has mobilised their enthusiasm and abilities.

In addition to these achievements, Julia has contributed to the GA in two very remarkable ways. These are:

  1. chairing and leading the innovative online Geog Live! CPD events and
  2. devising the primary geography curriculum for the OAK foundation in conjunction with Paula Owens.

The guidance which the OAK foundation is offering to schools is one of the most significant government interventions since the curriculum itself was revised in 2013. Meanwhile, the Geog Live! events have extended the reach of the GA in a novel and innovative way to reach literally thousands of primary school teachers and benefit membership numbers. Either one of these achievements would merit an award on their own.

Julia richly deserves Honorary GA Membership not only for the range of her activities but the benefit they have brought to the members of the Association.

Daryl Sinclair

Daryl Sinclair is a driving force behind efforts to make geography education, and classrooms, more inclusive and equitable. Daryl’s dedication is inspirational. He is committed to systemic change, encouraging publishers and examination boards to prioritise accessibility and anti-racist principles.
A selection of impactful activities in the last 18 months (showing his wide-ranging impact and support across a range of researchers, trainers, publishers, exam boards, schools and individuals, through a variety of media) are listed:

  • RGS ‘Geography for All‘ contributor
  • Castree, N., Oakes, S. and SINCLAIR, D. (2023) Exploring ‘power’ as a concept in geographical education, Teaching Geography 48 (3), 100-102.
  • Sinclair, D. and de Fonseka, A. (2022) Operationalising anti-racist pedagogy in a secondary geography classroom, Teaching Geography 47(2), 58-60.
  • Sinclair, D. (2022) Pedagogies for diverse classrooms: why should geography matter to me?, Teaching Geography 47 (3), 102-105.
  • Myatt and Co Podcast: Geography Roundtable on Diversity – recorded December 2023, published Jan 8 2024
  • GA Annual conference 2022 – with Briley Habib Using Project-Based Learning to share Everyday Geographies
  • GA Annual conference 2023 GERSIG session with journal editors Richard Bustin and Tessa Willy. Supporting Research Writing
  • RGS workshop, 29th June 2023 – ‘Questions to ask about our learning today
  • How I completed my first Teaching Geography article
  • Supporting and advising geography education authors, for example, Margaret Roberts 2023 ‘Geography through Enquiry‘ and Izzy Wood
  • UCL’s PGCE training ‘Introducing anti-racist pedagogy with examples, perspectives on geography education from an international teacher, and teaching climate change with hope
  • Working with publishers, critically reviewing KS3-5 Geography textbooks and SOWs
  • Leading workshops for question setters, auditing, reviewing and reporting on current practices to build more inclusive programmes for two exam boards.

Daryl continues to contribute to the Decolonising Geography Collective, including mentoring and reaching out to schools and teachers internationally.

Fiona Sheriff

Fiona has provided unrivalled support whilst on maternity leave. Including guidance on Eduqas exam specification to new teachers, delivering online KS3 curriculum excellence training and completing her book on fieldwork in Geography. Fiona is a true Geography champion who is dedicated to the subject and improving how it is taught throughout Britain. Fiona goes above and beyond to ensure that all who require her assistance improve their own teaching and subject knowledge.

Briley Habib

Briley is a champion of diversity, equality, and inclusion in Geography. She currently teaches in Istanbul, Turkey and the work she has completed there on women has been extraordinary. She shares all of her resources freely and has created some interesting fieldwork which could easily be adapted to a range of contexts. She recently wrote for TG on Knitstanbul, again sharing some really interesting geography. Briley is a key member of the Decolonising Geography collective, working for a better understanding of decolonisation and to ensure that all students are represented. She is an experienced teacher, diligent, hard-working, inclusive and a true Geography champion.

Gary Dawson

Gary has been an SPC member for many years. He has delivered CPD at conference many times and supported the GA in National CPD too. He has written for Teaching Geography and given teacher support via X social media. His collection of resources is legend and he is generous in sharing these, alongside his experience and subject knowledge. He has given of his time freely to serving the GA and his good humour and down to earth approach have made him a favourite both within SPC and beyond.

Ryan Nock
Ryan recently stepped down as a brilliant Chair of the Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group after four years. He steered the group through the difficult COVID era and kept the group’s spirits up and productivity focussed during this time. He worked tirelessly to expand the group membership during his tenure and supported the building of the Fieldwork Fortnight brand. The group is extremely grateful to him for his commitment and positivity, especially as it came at a point when his own career in the classroom was one of near constant change.

Anna Freidenfeld

Anna is a clear winner. Her research clearly illustrates how she was able to develop innovative and inspirational classroom practice to (re) engage EAL students through geographical enquiry. Her poster had excellent visual impact and the design made the subject and pedagogical knowledge accessible to a wide audience with clear reference to current literature underpinning her approach to teaching and evidence of pupil learning and engagement. The inclusion of information about underrepresented groups in her chosen resource and links to pupils’ personal geographies was a real strength of this submission. It is evident that Anna’s work not only had a significant impact on students geographical understanding but also on her own developing professional knowledge in the classroom as an outstanding student teacher.