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WorldWise local quiz

2022 winning team from Erasmus Darwin Academy, Staffordshire

Please note the WorldWise local quiz is not available until 2 October 2023. Please visit this page in October to find out how to access the quiz.

The local quiz format involves a University Challenge style face-to-face quiz for multiple teams of three students, aimed at the Y8–10 age range. Quizzes are arranged for schools in an area by a local organiser and the question rounds are supplied free from the GA.

There may already be an established event between schools in your area that you can join (possibly coordinated by a local GA branch) or you may wish to organise a new event yourself, either by inviting local schools to join with yours or by running an ‘in-house’ event. Once you have the question rounds supplied by the GA you can choose whether to include all rounds supplied by the GA or to choose a sample set according to your particular needs.

  • To get a sense of what the local quiz involves and the sorts of questions asked, download: 2015-16 quiz rounds

We are keen to encourage participation by as many schools as possible in the Worldwise Local Quiz and we suggest that you approach other school geography departments directly to organise an event in your own area. Alternatively, if you have not run a Local Quiz before, you may want to consider hosting the quiz as an activity entirely within your own school in the first instance.

Once you have decided that you would like to run a WorldWise Local Quiz in your area or school, please submit the form below and you will receive an email with a link to access the quiz resources.

Any queries should be made to Ricky Buck (

Event organiser registration form

Once you have submitted this form you will receive an email with a link to access the quiz resources.

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