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Global geography community calls on world leaders to protect nature and climate

Following a meeting in June 2021 of geography organisations from over 25 countries worldwide, convened by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, 79 geographical organisations from 58 countries have today come together, in an unprecedented display of collective resolve.

These organisations, which include the Geographical Association, have released a joint statement ahead of the COP26 meeting due to be held in Glasgow in November. The statement calls on world leaders to place the protection of nature and a liveable climate at the centre of the world’s economics and politics.

It also makes a powerful argument for the way geography and geographers can contribute to this work, and pledges each of its signatories to redouble its own efforts to help deliver a better future for all.

Download the joint declaration

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said:

‘The meeting of geographical organisations held in the summer, attended by myself and GA President 2020-21 Dr Susan Pike, proved to be a valuable forum for identifying what geographers can do in relation to the biodiversity and climate crises. The release of this joint statement sends a timely and powerful signal to world leaders and to the public at large. Geographers are uniquely equipped to identify the means by which the evidence of climate change and biodiversity loss can feature more centrally in our systems for economic and political decision-making. GA members and teachers of geography also understand that educating children and young people plays a critical role here, by helping young people to understand the issues and approach the future with knowledge, resolve and hope.’