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Ice flows – new free game and resources

The Ice Flows teacher resources pack provides a range of resources and suggested lesson plans built around playing the Ice Flows game. The learning outcomes relate to an understanding of the interactions between ice sheets and climate, and the resulting impact of changes in ice sheets on global sea level. The resources include explainer videos, some skeleton PowerPoints to use as a basis for lessons, plus added extras such as a Spotify playlist.

The resources are aimed principally at students aged 11-14 in UK schools, but can be used with any curriculum or age. There is also information on how the game could be used which is aligned to the UK curriculums for older students.

You can find the game and resources here and the teaching resources here.

The resources were created in partnership with the Geographical Association, written by Alan Parkinson, Consultant to the GA and Dr Anne Le Brocq, Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter. The game ‘Ice Flows’ was developed by Dr Anne Le Brocq in collaboration with Inhouse Visuals and Questionable Quality. Funding was provided by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) through a research grant led by the British Antarctic Survey.