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Investigating Coasts Curriculum Making

Key skills

The key skills the children develop during this unit are:

  • Use of geographical vocabulary
  • Collect and record evidence
  • Analyse and communicate
  • Undertake fieldwork
  • Make and use maps and plans
  • Use secondary sources

Initial lesson – an introduction to coasts

Bottesford is in the East Midlands and not all the children have seen the sea or been to a coast. Through this lesson the children gain an introduction into coastal environments, what their features are and how they are changing.

The initial lesson focuses on the following areas:

  • What are coasts like?
  • How are they formed?
  • How are beaches formed?
  • How do we sustain our coastlines?

Lesson Plan – An introduction to coasts

Investigating Coasts

Field visit

The field visit allows children to experience a rich multi-modal environment from which they can learn. Through the field visit the children learn to recognise human and natural processes and how they can change the character of a coastline. They also learn to understand how people and nature can improve or damage a coastline’s environment.

Whilst on the trail around the town the children gain an understanding of place and land use. It stimulates interest in their surroundings and in the variety of physical and human conditions they experience.

Half the day is spent around the town and the other half on the beach. The order of the day depends on tide times so that we can be on the beach when the tide is coming in.

Activities: On the beach

The children took part in six activities on the beach:

  1. Coastal Defences – Identifying
  2. Sea Defences – Building
  3. Tide Spotting – Map work
  4. Longshore Drift – Experiment
  5. Wave Counting
  6. Beach Art – Antony Gormley, Andy Goldsworthy

Beach Activities – guidance notes

Activities: In the town

Students followed a trail and answered questions about what they saw.

Skegness Trail Worksheet

Risk Assessment

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