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Investigating Coasts Student Reflection

An enjoyable unit

The pupils certainly enjoyed the whole unit of work on coasts, they were engaged in the lessons and had a wonderful time on the trip. They interacted well with the geography students from BGUC and were engaged by the variety of activities they presented to them.

Having been to the coast the pupils were able to give very informed opinions about coastal defences and think about the advantages and disadvantages of types of sea defence.

The activities helped the pupils to realise how complex the decision making process can be. In this clip the pupils have realised how all the land uses and functions of the village at risk of coastal erosion are all connected and how difficult it is to make decisions.

Samples of students’ work

The children were given stakeholder roles and asked to write a plea to the town council proving why they should protect their buildings. Lauren asked the council to save her school while Dylan asked them to save his power station.

Jenny played the role of a town councillor and wrote these notes to help her make a decision about which of the stakeholders should have their property saved.

Looking at location

We took the opportunity to use the activities to look at location. The pupils were very engaged in finding places and worked out strategies for locating places.

Pupils learned how the shape of the country is very important and used the technique to locate Cardiff on a map.

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