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Investigating Coasts Teacher Reflection

A rewarding experience

The time that pupils spent investigating coasts was highly rewarding – it really fostered their sense of wonder about the world around them. They were motivated to develop concern for their environment as they experienced a real life issue at first hand through the field visit and follow up day.

I also found that the children became more observant without having to be prompted. One pupil commented, while standing on Skegness pier, ‘Look Mrs Longden, that’s longshore drift. It’s moving from left to right along the beach!’.

Learning geographical vocabulary

As their understanding grew, the use of geographical vocabulary was clearly evident. In this video, one pupil explains how her learning started in the classroom, developed during the field visit and was reinforced back in the classroom.

Developing enthusiasm for geography

I know that the pupils enjoy this unit and developed an interest in geography because they talk with enthusiasm to their parents, siblings and friends. One parent commented about how delighted he was that his child was learning about the coast as he and his family, share a passion for geography. As children enter Year 5 I am often asked ‘Will we be going to Skegness?’.

In order to develop the unit I will be looking to include further work that relates to our whole school target of improving writing skills. I am looking for a school in Skegness that would be keen to correspond with the children in order that collaborative work can be completed.

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