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Student assessment in geography

This provides guidance for geography educators organised in parallel with Assessment in geography (the pages for new teachers), allowing cross-links to be made. This guidance will support you, as a geography educator, to design and carry out your training. By drawing on the relevant new teacher webpages, you will be able to provide your new teacher with plentiful examples of good geography practice.

Assessment theory and practice should be a core skill of teachers introduced in initial education and developed further through ongoing professional development during induction. A good geography teacher should always have assessment of students in mind when they are planning the curriculum and their lessons. New teachers need to know how to find out what they do and do not understand so they can plan the next steps in their students’ learning. This must be part of their day-to-day work as a teacher.

The DfE Frameworks for ITT and ECTs set out the training expectations for initial training and induction. Refer to Assessment Standard 6 (Standard 6 – Make accurate and productive use of assessment).

For a detailed list of references download the Assessment reading lists.

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