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Support for trainees and ECTs

This section is to support new geography teachers, whether you are undergoing training, are newly qualified or are in the early years of your teaching career. From September 2021, in England, the term early career teacher (ECT) replaced newly qualified teacher (NQT) and induction.

It is designed to provide geography-specific training and induction so that you become a high quality geography teacher with a clear vision of what good geography teaching is like. It provides guidance and information about all aspects of geography teaching. 

Throughout your training and induction these materials can help you to develop your subject skills and knowledge and to reflect critically and constructively on your teaching and students’ learning. They closely follow the DfE requirements set out in the frameworks for ITT and early career teachers and relate to the Teacher’s Standards that are used for assessment of both ITT trainees and ECTs.

The Learning to teach secondary geography web pages offer a wealth of support and guidance for new geography teachers. If you would like to view the contents of this section mapped against the Department for Education’s Teachers’ Standards 1–8, view our Guide to the Learning to teach secondary geography section here