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Returning to geography teaching

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Visit a school | Update your geography knowledge | Join the GA

If you are considering returning to teaching geography after a career break or a spell abroad, or are thinking of changing phase from secondary to primary (or vice versa) what should you do?

Visit a school

If you have been away from teaching for some years or are contemplating a change of phase, you should arrange to visit at least one school. A Geography Quality Mark school would be a good place to start. You will find there have been a number of changes!

Update your geography knowledge

If you are planning to teach secondary geography, catch up on changes to the geography National Curriculum (revised in 2014) and the specifications at GCSE and A Level (revised from 2016). 

You might find that you need to update your geography subject knowledge to teach some of the new content.  Visit our What geography subject knowledge do I need? page.

 Join the GA

This will give you access to a wide range of up-to-date geography resources and will be able to read back copies of journals that you may have missed. 

If you join your local GA Branch, you will have the opportunity to meet practising geography teachers from your locality. Find out more about joining the GA.