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Geography subject teaching and curriculum (menu)

There is a good deal of information in these pages to provide both the depth and breadth of knowledge in geography pedagogy for you to become a good subject teacher. The webpages make frequent reference to readings in the three books listed below, but there are many case studies and readings that you can explore further during induction when you have gained more teaching experience.

Use the information in these pages to inform your observations of teaching and to discuss good practice with your mentor and other geography teachers. The advice is to find out as much as you can during your initial training and induction so you can reflect on what makes the best geography teaching and try to implement this yourself.

Key Reading

  • Biddulph, M., Lambert, D. and Balderstone, D. (2021) Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School: A Companion to School Experience, 4th edition. London: Routledge.
  • Jones, M. (ed) (2017) Secondary Geography Handbook. Sheffield: Geographical Association.
  • Roberts, M. (2023) Geography through Enquiry: An approach to teaching and learning in the secondary school, 2nd edition. Sheffield: Geographical Association.

Refer to Subject and Curriculum (Standard 3 – Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge).

These are the areas of subject teaching and curriculum that are covered in this section.