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Subject knowledge

In the English education system, subject knowledge is seen by policy makers and schools as of prime importance. The DfE and Ofsted today emphasise knowledge-rich teaching. This is after many years when certain sections in education were expressing doubts about the value of subject knowledge, and promoting the importance of ‘skills’ over knowledge.

The DfE Frameworks for ITE and ECTs emphasise the role of subject knowledge. The Ofsted Research Review (2021) notes:

There is a need to identify both the content (substantive knowledge) that is to be taught and the knowledge of relationships that allow pupils to understand the connections between ideas (disciplinary knowledge). Pupils’ combined appreciation of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge can be described as geographical understanding.

This review also points out the importance for students to bring a geographical perspective to their studies and ‘think like a geographer’. Added to that is the recent growth of interest, particularly in geography, in the value of ‘powerful knowledge’

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