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Teachers’ standards for assessment

The current Teachers’ Standards were introduced in 2012. They apply to all teachers, not only to those in training but also to induction and beyond. The Teachers’ Standards are designed to support you to become a high quality teacher with a clear vision and the leadership skills to promote a supportive environment for creative teaching and learning within a culture of continuous reflection and self-evaluation. 

Interpreting the Teachers’ Standards for geography trainee teachers and ECTs

These pages offer support and guidance for new geography teachers on all routes into teaching. This will help you progress through the Standards by providing guidance specific to the geographical aspects of each of the Teachers’ Standards.

For each Standard there is a series of questions to consider written specifically for geography content. Consider the questions as prompts for you to think about, evaluate the progress you are making and discuss this with your geography mentor. These questions are not intended to be a further set of standards to be met. Follow up the suggestions at the end of the pages to find support. Discuss the more generic aspects of the standards with your professional tutor/trainer.

Teachers’ standards for assessment