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Teachers’ standards 2: Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils

The headings on this page are the statements in the Teachers’ Standards that all new teachers must meet. The series of questions for each statement are prompts for new geography teachers to think about. They should use these prompts to discuss their training with their geography mentor and evaluate their progress. These questions are not intended to be a further set of ‘standards’ to be met.


To promote good progress and outcomes by students in geography you must do the following:


Be accountable for pupils’ attainment, progress and outcomes

  • Do I understand the expectations for students’ attainment in geography at 11, 14, 16 and 18?
  • Can I identify whether students are making progress in geography in my classes?
  • Am I confident in monitoring and assessing students’ learning in my lessons?
  • Do I know what measures of student progress might be used?
  • Do I understand how the geography department tracks students’ progress and analyses both progress and performance data of students?


Be aware of pupils’ capabilities and their prior knowledge, and plan teaching to build on these

  • Do I take into account students’ prior knowledge when planning my lessons and break complex material into smaller steps?
  • Do I explain to students how new content builds on their existing knowledge?
  • Can I confidently support individual learners in geography?
  • Can I use individual learning targets?
  • Do I cater for learning needs in my teaching by using a range of strategies?
  • Do I sequence lessons so that students encounter more complex geographical content gradually?
  • Do I ensure that all students can access geographical learning in my lessons?
  • Can I plan ways to support students so that they undertake challenging work successfully?


Guide pupils to reflect on the progress they have made and their emerging needs

  • Do I give time in my lessons for students to evaluate their work and their progress?
  • Do I plan opportunities in units of work to review and practice key ideas and concepts?
  • Does my questioning encourage students to reflect on their learning?
  • Does my marking comment on students’ progress and set them targets to improve?


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how pupils learn and how this impacts on teaching

  • Do I understand how students learn geography?
  • Do I link what students already know to what I am teaching?
  • Do I understand the importance of working memory and long-term memory and plan my geography lessons to take this into account and not overload working memory?
  • Can I apply my understanding of learning theories to tailor my teaching to support students?
  • Do I break down complex materials into smaller steps when I am explaining and modelling?
  • Can I design lessons so that students have opportunities for retrieval practice of key geographical concepts and ideas?
  • Do I know what are students’ common misunderstandings and misconceptions in geography and how to overcome them through teaching?
  • Do I sequence learning carefully and revisit key ideas with students after a gap to help strengthen understanding?
  • Do I take precautions when I plan my geography teaching to prevent misconceptions forming?
  • Do I check students’ understanding in lessons so that any confusions can be addressed?
  • Can I use scaffolding to support students and remove it to increase challenge as appropriate?


Encourage pupils to take a responsible and conscientious attitude to their own work and study

  • Do I develop students’ skills to undertake geographical enquiries?
  • Do I help students become self-reliant, independent learners?


Where to find support?

For support in achieving this Standard, start with Students’ learning in geography.

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Discuss promoting good progress and outcomes in geography with your geography mentor and talk to other geography teachers about how promote good progress.

Teachers’ standards 2: Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils