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Providing high quality geography ITE

Defining high quality geography ITE

The GA is committed to ensuring that high quality Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in geography is available through all the routes into teaching. Our 2015 National Research Report Geography Initial Teacher Education in England called for the creation of quality criteria for geography ITE.

Between 2015 and 2017, the GA coordinated the creation of clear criteria for both primary and secondary geography ITE:

Evaluation of high quality geography ITE

The GA has developed support materials to complement the secondary Quality criteria, in the form of a blank audit document to enable you to evaluate your own course.

Providing high quality ITE

You will find plenty of advice, guidance and ideas for high quality ITE throughout the Initial Teacher Education pages. See:

If you have material or ideas to exemplify good ITE practice in geography, then the GA’s Teacher Education Phase Committee (TEPC) would be pleased to hear from you.

Quality assurance in secondary geography training partnerships

See this QA checklist.


See Booklist for geography teacher education.