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Classroom practice

The DfE Frameworks for ITT and ECTs require you to know that ‘Effective teaching can transform pupils’ knowledge, capabilities and beliefs about learning

These pages are about the teaching techniques and strategies that a geography teacher needs to master to become an effective geography teacher. It will take time and hard work to do this – there is no magic quick and easy route. Good classroom practice is about making professional judgements about the best ways to ensure students learn geographical knowledge, understand geography concepts and think like a geographer.

These judgements come with experience, but you can learn a lot too from observing the practice of good geography teachers, discussing their practice with them and exploring how other teachers approach different teaching situations.

While many elements of good classroom practice are common to many subjects, the subject matter must be considered carefully. Geographical enquiry and fieldwork are particularly important, as are clear explanations and modelling of geographical processes. Using talk in dialogic teaching and collaborative learning are also very important strategies, and good geography teachers must master good questioning techniques.

The areas of classroom practice for geography that are covered in this section are: