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Manchester 2024 session downloads

Conference 2024 - Manchester

From 4–6 April 2024 we welcomed hundreds of delegates from around the world to join us at the University of Manchester for three days of lectures, field visits and social events.

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Find out which publishers, schools and individuals won GA Awards at the 2024 event.

Session downloads

Materials will continue to be added over the following weeks. Please note that the contents of these presentations have been compiled by each presenter and are not the property of the GA. If you have any copyright queries, please contact the GA (

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Friday 5 April



Improving the diversity and inclusiveness of Pearson Edexcel geography qualifications, support and resources

Jon Wolton, Senior Subject Advisor, Pearson, Sponsored by Pearson

Workshop 1


Why you should read the examiners’ reports

Iain Palôt, geography consultant, and Jen Monk, Head of Geography, Stretford High School

Lecture Plus 1


Love our world:-recreating our primary curriculum for all

Helen Martin, Headteacher, Graffham CE Infant and Duncton CE Junior Schools, Presented by the GA Early Years and Primary Phase Committee

Lecture Plus 2


Barriers and bridges to geography for everyone in HE

Dr Matt Finn, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Exeter, and students, Presented by the GA Post-16 and HE Phase Committee

Lecture 1


Fifty ways to make your fieldwork more inclusive

Chloe Searl

Independent Field Studies Tutor, The Island Geographer

Workshop 2


Reading for everyone in the geography classroom

Emily Chandler, Geography Teacher and Assistant Head of Middle School, St George’s British International School Düsseldorf Rhein Ruhr

Workshop 3


Seven GIS ideas for everyone to use in the geography classroom

Sophie Wilson, Teacher Educator, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, with Heidi Quenby, Jo Meredith, Agnes Simic, Kate Russell, Brendan Conway and Alistair Hamill, Presented by the GA ICT Special Interest Group

Lecture 2


Engaging with the citizen geographer: who, where, why and how?

Dr Janet Davies, Lecturer in Primary Education, Faculty of Education and Society, UCL, with Dr Tessa Willy

Lecture Plus 3


Making physical geography accessible to all

Adam Corbridge, Director of Humanities and Head of Geography, Saint Aidan’s CE High School, Presented by the GA Physical Geography Special Interest Group

Workshop 3


Climate literacy for everyone

Professor Sylvia Knight, Head of Education, Royal Meteorological Society

Lecture 4



Presidential Lecture

Geography for everyone

Denise Freeman, GA President 2023–24


Flood education in the West Midlands

Dr Cheryl Jones, Head of Geography and Environment, University of Worcester, with Elena Lengthorn and Megan Asbury

Workshop 4


The SDGs: a geographical framework for everyone

Dr Anne Dolan, Lecturer, Mary Immaculate College

Lecture 5




Curriculum design coherence: a focus on sustainability

Dr Diane Swift

Research Paper


Nature for everyone

Elena Lengthorn

Teacher to Teacher




Finding your way: effective use of GIS in your geography curriculum

Lecture Plus 4, Sponsored by Esri


How to begin the process of decolonising case studies

Iram Sammar, PhD student, King’s College London, Presented by the GA Secondary Phase Committee

Workshop 5


Including climate change and sustainability in everyone’s fieldwork

Robyn Landy, Education Team Leader, Field Studies Council, and Sam Thurston, Sustainability Manager, Field Studies Council, Presented by the Field Studies Council

Workshop 6


My place or yours? (ppt)


Jon Cannell, GA Primary Curriculum Leader

Workshop 7


Fieldwork on a budget

Workshop 8

Presented by the GA Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group


Navigating the use of AI for lesson planning in Initial Teacher Education (ppt)

Lesson plan and game example

Chris Powell, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Hertfordshire, with Amy Dodd, Presented by the GA Teacher Education Phase Committee

Workshop 9


The IPCC and me: using climate visualisations as a component of storytelling

Kit Marie Rackley, Freelance Educator and Consultant

Lecture 6


Socials: money, market and media

John Wilkinson, Head of Geography, St Edwards College and Honorary Lecturer, University of Liverpool, with Toni Malone, Presented by the Teaching Geography Editorial Board

Lecture Plus 5



Changing India: looking through the lens of geographer photographers

Kiran Sahi, Director, Stepwell, with Susan Knight and Imogen Sahi

Workshop 10


Decision-making in GCSE geography

Simon Oakes, GCSE Geography Chair of Examiners, AQA

Lecture 7


Learning with the Arctic: a case of and for ‘passionate geopolitics’


Professor Klaus Dodds, Executive Dean and Professor of Geopolitics, Royal Holloway, University of London

Lecture 8



To what extent can graphic novels support ‘non-beginner’ English as an Additional Language (EAL)-learners in developing their curiosity, focusing on the climate crisis?

Anna Freidenfeld, Teacher of Geography, Meadowhead School Academy Trust

Teacher to Teacher


Student character development through the geography curriculum

Paul Greenhalgh, University of Cambridge

Research Paper


How to improve your confidence in teaching geological principles to geography students

Ben Norton, Assistant Headteacher, St Hildas CE High School

Teacher to Teacher




Troll wisdom: geographical curriculum making for all (ppt)

Progression Chart

Dr Sharon Witt and Dr Helen Clarke, Partners, @Attention2Place, with Colin Walker

Workshop 11


Literacy in the EAL classroom

Briley Habib, Geography Teacher, British International School of Istanbul, with Bethany Aldridge

Workshop 12


Using the GA’s Curriculum Framework as a tool for building subject knowledge

Dr Rebecca Kitchen, GA Head of Professional Development

Workshop 13


La géographie pour tous: Paris 2024 and teaching with GIS

Part 1 (ppt)

Part 2 (ppt)

Part 3 (ppt)

Brendan Conway, Teacher of Geography, Notre Dame Senior School

Workshop 14


Live from our fieldwork correspondent…

Janine Maddison, Postgraduate Researcher, Newcastle University

Workshop 15


Educating teachers in geography for all: student perceptions

Wendy Garner, Senior Lecturer, University of Chester, and A.J. Kelly MA, FHEA

Lecture Plus 6


Routes to engaging in geographical discussions

Lucy Fryer, Teacher of Geography and Geology and DofE Co-ordinator and Assessor, KEGS, Chelmsford

Lecture Plus 7


Animating geography: unleashing the power of animations and comics for learning

Rob Bowden, Co-director/lead-practitioner, Lifeworlds Learning CIC, with Jackie Zammit

Workshop 16


Working towards an inclusive and diverse key stage 4

Hina Robinson, Rights Respecting School Lead and Diversity Lead, Southend High School for Girls, Sponsored by Eduqas


Opportunities, complexities and challenges in geographical collaboration between schools and universities

Dr Lauren Hammond, University of Edinburgh and Denise Freeman, Oaks Park High School and GA President 2023-24 with Dr Alun Morgan, University of Plymouth, Professor Sophie Hadfield-Hill, University of Birmingham, Chantal Mayo-Hollaway, David Ross Education Trust, Daryl Sinclair, WABE International School




Using Iceland to support teaching the carbon cycle

Dr David Jackson and Samantha Hillcox, Geography Subject Experts, NST, Sponsored by NST


Fieldwork in an area of deprivation: remaining inclusive

Fiona Sheriff, Head of Geography, Kingsthorpe College

Workshop 18


Windows and mirrors: ensuring representation in our curriculum

Jen Monk, Head of Geography, Stretford High School

Lecture Plus 7


Climate and nature emergencies: developing cross-curricular and cross-phase learning opportunities

Lee Jowett, Climate Change and Sustainability Fellow, Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University, with Vicki Pountney and Clive Belgeonne, Sheffield Hallam University

Lecture Plus 8


Do you get the picture? Using maps, images and illustrations to support explanations in geography

Katie Marl, Programme Lead (delivery) and Primary Specialist, Oak National Academy, and Graeme Schofield

Workshop 19


Supporting students with SEND in geography

Amy Cushing, Head of Geography, Brinsworth Academy; Natalie Porteous-Kaur, SENDCO; and Clarissa Simpson, Geography Teacher

Workshop 20


Accessing the NEA: how can we support students?

Ian Tester, Tutor, Field Studies Council

Workshop 21


Supporting non-specialist teachers with subject knowledge development

Jessica Burger, Subject Development Lead Teach First, with Stefan Carron and Helen Webb

Lecture Plus 9


Educators’ perceptions and use of GIS in Singapore secondary schools

Doris Lee Pei Ting, Senior Teacher/Geography, Shernice Goh Chin Hwee and Nuraida Ajmaain, Ministry of Education, Singapore

Lecture 8


Planning for progress in disciplinary and procedural knowledge: responding to the 2023 Ofsted geography report

David Gardner, Education Consultant, Hodder, Sponsored by Hodder Education


Developing a departmental approach to GIS

Darren Bailey, Education Manager, Ordnance Survey, with Jo Skinner and Laura Woods, Noadswood School

Lecture 10



Dinosaurs in a digital age

Katie West, Second in humanities, Brunt’s Academy

Teacher to Teacher



Geography for gamers

Callum Hitchcock, College Lecturer, Bilborough Sixth Form College

Workshop 18


Geography at university 1

Stefan Carron, Geography Development Lead, Teach First, and Dr David Preece

Lecture 11


Being a force for nature: how geography can transform a school

Katie Rafferty, National Schools Programme Officer, and Elena Clark, Regional Leader, The Tree Council, Presented by the GA Sustainability and Citizenship Special Interest Group


Bursting out of the bubble

Steve Rawlinson and Dr Stephen Scoffham, wildthinkers, Presented by the GA Early Years and Primary Phase Committee

Lecture Plus 10


The value of outside of the classroom opportunities: A teacher and student perspective

Karen Corfield, Education Business Consultant, Discover the World Education, Presented by Discover the World Education

Lecture 12


The world encompassed: navigating the stormy seas of exploration or exploitation?

Dr Alun Morgan, Senior Lecturer, Plymouth Institute of Education, University of Plymouth

Rex Walford Memorial Lecture


Saturday 6 April



A level geography case studies: past, present and future

Prof Martin Evans, Professor of Geomorphology, University of Manchester; Fiona Smyth, Professor of Geography/Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning and Students, University of Manchester

Lecture Plus 11,


How do we study tectonic hazards in the real world environment?

Samantha Hillcox, Geography Field Studies Expert and Dr David Jackson, Sponsored by NST


What could a future geography curriculum look like at key stages 4 and 5?

Stacey Hill, Head of Curriculum – Geography, AQA, and Jon Boden-Wright, Curriculum Support Manager, AQA, Sponsored by AQA


Leading non-specialist geographers

Gregory Fairchild, Assistant Head, Reading School

Lecture Plus 16


Fieldwork for everyone: how to plan more inclusively

Rachel Hawke, Head of Geography, Isca Academy with Fiona Sheriff and Hina Robinson

Workshop 26


Making GCSE accessible for students aiming for grade 3

Dr Paul Hunt, Head of Geography, The Appleton School, Presented by the GA Secondary Phase Committee

Workshop 27


Finding the student ‘physical geography head’

Duncan Hawley, Chair, GA Physical Geography Special Interest Group, Presented by the GA Physical Geography Special Interest Group

Workshop 28


Geography education research for everyone

David Alcock, Geography Teacher, Bradford Grammar School, Presented by the GA Geography Education Research Special Interest Group

Workshop 29


From me to the world: exploring the geographies of everyday life

Kah Mun Yuen, Master Teacher, Boon Lay Secondary School and Ministry of Education, Singapore, with Thia Mei Yin Rita

Workshop 30


Making an impact: the power of geography in the council chamber

Dr Stephen Scoffham, Visiting Reader in Sustainability and Education, Canterbury Christ Church University

Lecture 12


The concept and value of ‘mega case studies’

Karen Corfield, Education Business Consultant, Discover the World Education

Lecture 13



What’s under the cover? Opportunities using Primary Geography

Dr Tessa Willy, UCL Institute of Education and Deputy Programme Lead, with Dr Paula Owens and Arthur Kelly

Workshop 32


Are you a big fan? Expert insight into offshore wind in the UK

Marianne Anton, Counsel, Watson Farley & Williams LLP, with Dr David Preece

Lecture 14


Keynote Address

Co-creating a critical geographical education for everyone

Professor James Esson, Queen Mary University of London



Improving geographical thought through reading

Clarissa Simpson, Teacher of Geography with Teaching and Learning Responsibilities for the Quality of Education, Brinsworth Academy



Revolutions in development: changing ideas in the teaching community

Dr Abigail Branford, Postdoctoral Researcher, Oxford Department of Education and Departmental Lecturer, African Studies Centre, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies

Research Paper



Exams for everyone? Exploring the past, present and future of geography assessment

Dr Simon Oakes, Geography Consultant, Eduqas

Workshop 33


Establishing and embedding a sustainability and climate change strategy (ppt)

Handout (pdf)

Robert Chambers, National Geography Lead and Trust Sustainability Lead, Astrea Academy Trust, Sponsored by OCR

Lecture 15


Mind the gap: using geo-graphic novels to support KS2–3 transition

Vicki Pountney, Senior Lecturer in Education, Sheffield Hallam University and Julia Mackintosh, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Hertfordshire

Workshop 34


Fieldwork, mental health and wellbeing: co-producing a guide to inclusive fieldwork

Dr Faith Tucker, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Northampton, Presented by the Geography Editorial Collective


Designing cities for everyone

Andy Owen, Consultant to the GA

Workshop 36


Whole-school action on climate change: what is geography’s role?

Jo Winterburn, Subject Leader for Geography, The Bishop’s Stortford High School

Workshop 37


Using the GA’s exam results analysis at GCSE and A level

Katherine Baulcomb, Head of Geography, Westminster City School, with John Hopkin and Elizabeth Rynne, Presented by the GA Assessment and Examinations Special Interest Group

Lecture Plus 13


Decolonising geography through learning frameworks

Professor Ashley Gunter, University of South Africa, Prof Parvati Raghuram and Dr Craig Walker, Open University

Workshop 38


Plate tectonics for human geographers

Alistair Hamill, Head of Geography, Lurgan College

Lecture 16


Geographical questions for all and from all?

Margaret Roberts, retired Senior Lecturer (University of Sheffield) and former GA President

Lecture 17



Interactive geoanimations

Gotze Kalsbeek, Teacher Trainer, School of Education, University of Amsterdam



Teachers’ perspectives and existing understandings, experiences and aspirations in relation to teaching year 12 geography with technology

Darragh Woods, MSc Learning and Teaching student, University of Oxford and full-time teacher

Research Paper


The ECF two years on: how can we offer the best possible support to geography ECTs?

Hanna Gowing, Lead Practitioner – Teaching and Learning, Launceston College




Expanding the conversation about race and identity in schools

Dr Alexander Standish, Associate Professor Geography Education, UCL Institute of Education; Malica Scott, Teaching Fellow, UCL; and Dr Camila Bassi, Sheffield Hallam University

Lecture Plus 14


The #TeachWithGIS journey

David Morgan and Dr Katie Hall, GIS Education Consultants, Esri UK, Sponsored By Esri UK

Workshop 39


Power: a new and essential lens for geography education

Daryl Sinclair, Head of Secondary at WABE International School and Dr Simon Oakes, Chair of GCSE Geography, AQA

Workshop 40


Mentoring conversations as professional development for everyone

Vicki Pountney, Senior Lecturer in Education, Sheffield Hallam University, Presented by the GA Teacher Education Phase Committee

Workshop 41


Using multi-sensory approaches to teaching in the local area

Dr Kate Glanville, Senior Lecturer in Primary Geography, Birmingham City University

Workshop 43


Pupil project: designing inclusive places

Suzanne Thorne, Head of Geography, Dunottar School, with Tizzy Bates

Lecture 18


Climate change education: an integrated approach

Dr Andrew Lee, Communications Director, Oxford Climate Alumni Network

Lecture 19


Taking Climate Action

Jodie Bailey-Ho, DfE Youth Focal Points and Juanita Shepherd, Policy Lead for the National Education Nature Park

Lecture 20



Exploring resources to enhance climate change teaching

Shelley Monk and Kerry Sage, Geography Subject Advisors, OCR, Sponsored by OCR

Workshop 44


Co-creating an inclusivity benefit assessment for fieldwork

Dr Naomi Holmes, Lecturer in Environmental Education, University of York, and Dr Lynda Yorke, Bangor University

Workshop 45


Rocks and blocks: building physical geography education in Minecraft

Rose Want, Public Engagement Manager and Michael Andrews, British Geological Survey

Workshop 46


What is our geography? Stories from people across the world

Catherine Owen, Chair, GA International Special Interest Group, Presented by the GA International Special Interest Group

Workshop 47


Geography for everyone: everywhere or anywhere

Alice McCaughern, Teacher of Geography, Felsted School

Workshop 48


Inspiring independent investigations (NEAs) for everyone

Dr Helen Renwick, Teacher of Geography, Marches School

Lecture 21


Using artificial intelligence in the geography classroom

Rosie Moore, Lecturer of Geography, Cronton Sixth Form College

Workshop 49


Promoting critical thinking in geography using art

Sabeeha Bhatti, Early Career Teacher

Lecture Plus 16


Making geography for everyone

Claire Brown, Manager Educational Professional Support and Simon Pinfield, Manager, Resources, Projects and Partnerships, Royal Geographical Society

Lecture 22


Mapping microplastics in rivers: from local fieldwork to policy at Westminster

Professor Jamie Woodward, Professor of Physical Geography, The University of Manchester

Lecture 23



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