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New partnership between the Environment Agency and Geographical Association

The Geographical Association (GA) and Environment Agency (EA) are delighted to announce a partnership agreement, in support of their shared ambition to create a nation resilient to the impacts of climate change. The partnership will help children and young people understand contemporary environmental issues and how they can be managed, by creating open access classroom resources on environmental change, aligned with the national curriculum and qualifications for geography. The partnership will also enable collaborations between schools and Environment Agency staff, supporting equal opportunities for young people looking for a career in the water and environmental sectors.

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said:

“The GA’s strategic partnerships represent its commitment to working with organisations that can help all young people advance their geographical knowledge and understanding – a project that has never been more important than it is today. As an independent charity, we are extremely grateful for the support the Environment Agency is providing for this partnership and are very excited to be working with Environment Agency colleagues, whose expertise in creating better places for people and wildlife is so valuable to share with the next generation.”

Environment Agency Education to Profession Advisor Becky Watters said:

“The Environment Agency is the proud employer of specialists from many backgrounds who work together create a better place for people and wildlife. We aim to help the country adapt and thrive as we prepare for the impacts of climate change, We know that to meet environmental challenges now and in the future, we all need to learn more, think of innovative and creative ideas and inspire others to tackle these challenges. We are delighted to be working with the Geographical Association to create up to date and engaging learning resources. This partnership means that knowledge from specialists will bring UK places to life in the classroom. We will share inspirational projects where the Environment Agency is protecting places, people and wildlife. We will introduce the critical work of Geography professionals in the Environment Agency and introduce children and young people to so many ‘make a difference’ careers in Geography.”