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Ofsted launches inspection framework consultation

Ofsted today launched its 2019 inspection framework, which pays increased attention to the quality of a school’s curriculum. Alongside the framework, Ofsted opened a consultation on its proposals, which closes at 11:45pm on 5 April 2019.

In her speech to launch the new inspection framework, HM Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman said:

‘’What is taught and why’ has had too small a share of inspection consideration for many years, and this has contributed to the gradual erosion of curriculum thinking in early years, schools and post-16. A new quality of education judgement will look at how schools are deciding what to teach and why, how well they are doing it and whether it is leading to strong outcomes for young people.’

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said:

The GA has engaged with Ofsted throughout its curriculum research, helping to set out the scope and purposes of a good geography curriculum for the Chief Inspector and her team. The Association will be making a full response to the consultation on its new framework, which includes a welcome focus on curriculum quality and which seeks to address current concerns including curriculum narrowing and teaching to the test. I urge all teachers of geography to participate in the consultation, either directly or through your subject association, the GA.’