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Our impact

The GA’s vision for 2025 is to create a vibrant and diverse subject community inspiring high-quality geographical teaching and learning.

The GA’s beliefs and values are that:

  • everyone is entitled to a geographical education, to value and be responsive to the world in which we live
  • a vibrant, diverse and knowledgeable subject community secures high-quality geography teaching
  • teachers of geography are best served by an independent subject association, working inclusively, sustainably and in partnership.

The clear ambition is that, by 2025, we want the GA to support an even more vibrant community of geography teachers than today: one that is larger, more diverse and better connected than ever.

We want the work of the GA and the geography education community to be more inclusive and sustainable and for this work to make a demonstrable difference to the position of geography in education and society, as well as nurturing professional knowledge and inspiring young people through geography.

The GA’s Strategic Plan sets out how we will achieve our vision and reflects the ideas and passions of the GA’s trustees, staff, volunteers, members and strategic partners, all of whom have input to the planning process over an extended period. In order to be effective, we describe our ambition in clearly measurable terms. We have identified a range of indicators to help us do this.

Our indicators include quantifiable outcomes, such as the size and diversity of our membership or the number of teachers who attend GA networks and events, to qualitative information, such as feedback on the impact of our publications and the influence of the Association on geography education policy.

Become a member

GA membership provides specialist support and expert advice for geography teaching

Geography Quality Marks

Register for the 2025 Quality Mark before 31 July and receive a 20% discount off your fee

Geographical model making competition

Encourage your pupils to get involved and explore their creativity and geographical knowledge by creating a 3D model. Entries close 31 July 2024