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Post-16 and HE Phase Committee


Co-Chair: Laura-Jayne Ward

Co-Chair: Eleanor Barker

To contact the Post-16 and HE Phase Committee please email

X (formerly Twitter): GA Post-16 HE

Visit the Geography Matters page for newsletter updates.


Our aims

The purpose of the Post-16 & HE Phase Committee is to support GA members concerned with geography in the post-16 curriculum and to represent their views and interests. We support teachers in schools, colleges and universities through a range of activities and publications. We are always keen to hear of new interested educators who may be interested in joining us. We meet three times a year and ensure that the post-16 pathway at the GA Annual Conference is well attended by our members.

We represent the membership of post-16 teachers of the GA to ensure that we plan, develop, write and publish high quality geography outcomes for all students.

Download these Terms of Reference to find out more about how the Post-16 and HE Phase Committee works.


What we do

  • Monitor the views, interests, concerns and issues facing post-16 geography members of the GA. In addition, monitor the state of health of post-16 geography as indicated by data on numbers and assessment evidence.
  • Initiate ideas for engaging and challenging teaching and learning ideas in the post-16 geography classroom.
  • Disseminate these ideas through field trips and workshops at the annual GA Conference, the GA website, as well as articles and contributions to GA publications such as Teaching Geography.
  • Produce Geography Matters our annual newsletter which focuses on news and issues currently facing teachers involved in post-16 geographical and environmental education. The newsletter can be downloaded from the Geography Matters page.
  • Contribute to books and articles that provide a more in-depth examination of issues associated with teaching and learning in post-16 geography. These include curriculum planning, teaching, assessment, fieldwork and resources.
  • Represent the views, interests, concerns and issues facing Post-16 geography members of the GA at the GA Education Committee and to external bodies.
  • Promote geography to teachers, pupils, schools and the wider community as a relevant and exciting subject.


Post-16 Committee Resources

Geography Matters

‘Geography Matters’ is the free annual newsletter of the Post-16 and HE Committee produced by our members. It features articles on a range of issues affecting post 16 geography education and articles on topics covered at post-16. The newsletter can be downloaded from the Geography Matters page.

125th Year of the Geographical Association

For the 125th year of the GA the Post-16 Committee produced a list of 125 suggested books to support post-16 study of geography. This list is designed to encourage students to widen their knowledge and understanding of the complex issues at work in the modern world to support their post-16 studies.

Audit of GA climate change resources

The Post-16 and HE PC put together an overview of GA web materials relating to climate change.

Download the overview here


Post-16 and HE Phase Committee members

  • Richard Waller
  • Naomi Anderson
  • Rachel Adams
  • Eleanor Barker (Co-Chair)
  • Hafsa Garcia
  • Ellie Hopkins
  • Gill Miller
  • Iain Palôt
  • Laura-Jayne Ward (Co-Chair)


An analysis of where multi-cultural issues could be included in the A level specifications

Opportunities for multi-cultural inclusion – AQA A level specification

Opportunities for multi-cultural inclusion – Edexcel A level specification

Opportunities for multi-cultural inclusion – WJEC A level specification

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