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Promoting geography at GCSE and A level

Geography leaders promote their subject for a number of reasons and in a wide range of creative ways. Celebrating the success of geography in your school is a just reward for all the hard work put in by students, teachers and others.

It also helps senior leaders, parents and others take notice of what is being achieved and can help improve their understanding of the subject. And promoting the subject is an important part of persuading students that this subject will be of interest and value to them at GCSE and beyond.


Promoting geography at GCSE and A level


Further information

  • Geography gives you options – attractive A5 leaflets explaining what geography offers students, including ideas about careers and links to further guidance
  • Ten ideas for promoting GCSE geography, produced by the GA Secondary Phase Committee, contains great suggestions for promoting geography to students who are choosing their GCSEs
  • Promoting geography in your school’, Teaching geography, Summer 2011 – encouraging students to continue studying geography beyond key stage 3
  • Student Voices: Promoting A level geography, presents a collection of thoughts from A level students studying geography in year 13
  • A level geography: the verdict: Four Year 13 students at Bancroft’s School look back on the highs and lows of their course (Edexcel). They compare notes on what they’ve learned, how this differs from their initial expectations and what they feel the legacy of the course will be, both in terms of (i) specialist knowledge and (ii) transferable capabilities
  • GA Manifesto for geography – The GA’s 2009 manifesto for geography remains a valuable tool to promote geography with students, parents, governors and others.

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