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Register for the 2025 quality mark before 31 July and receive a 20% discount off your fee. Submit the form below to register.

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Please note:

  • Generally, we do not visit schools, and so please remember that our judgements are based on the application that you make and the evidence that you provide. The evidence we receive should tell a clear story about the geography in your school and its impact on students.
  • For the Primary Geography Quality Mark, there are two situations where we will conduct a moderation visit.
    • Schools applying straight for PGQM Gold level with no history of having achieved a lower level will have a moderation visit which will cost an additional £200.
    • Returning PGQM Gold schools have the option of completing a portfolio of evidence or having a moderation visit.

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Geography Quality Marks

Register for the 2025 Quality Mark before 31 July and receive a 20% discount off your fee

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