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All about drought: The 1976 drought – was it all good?

1976 drought

These resources combine a range of teaching approaches and embed a series of critical thinking techniques in order to further develop students’ understanding of the subject matter.

Cross-curricular links are made to literacy, numeracy and ICT enabling the students to transfer their skills across the spectrum of subjects. The lessons offer opportunities for students to conduct further research, explore the numerous websites and use a range of resources such as choropleth maps to conduct their own investigation into previous drought events and begin to predict future ones from the trends. Each lesson is accompanied by an editable PowerPoint presentation and relevant worksheets.

In this lesson, students explore a range of perspectives from the 1976 droughts utilising relevant historical accounts in combination with mapped information on the characteristics of the drought.


Learning objective

  • To investigate the impacts of the 1976 drought in the UK.


The DRY Utility has gathered numerous stories from the seven catchment areas, which discuss the impacts of the 1976 drought. The stories are fascinating and highlight an array of everyday impacts, from wonderful summer holidays with fabulous weather to wet nappies soaking around the house while a mother waited to be able to do their one daily wash; as well as potato farmers driving brand new P reg cars having hit the jackpot if they could irrigate crops.


Resources to support this lesson

The 1976 Drought – was it all good? PowerPoint presentation

Question Generator

Drought Stories

True for who cards

Argument framework

Choropleth map worksheet

The 1976 drought – was it all good? worksheet

Research task worksheet


Relevant links

The Dry Utility

Historic Droughts: Drought inventory

About Drought Handbook: Outputs and Impacts

About Drought Event 2018 Highlights (Vimeo)


Other lessons in this set

Is drought a global phenomenon?

A case study of UK drought 2010-2012: considering the cause and impacts of the drought

A case study of UK drought 2010-2012: investigating the responses

The future of drought in the UK

Changing our thinking about drought


This lesson has been co-written by the GA consultant Gemma Mawdsley and produced in collaboration with the DRY research team, ENDOWS, UWE, and About Drought.

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