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Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation: What can I do?

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Minimum time required

20 minutes

Learning objectives

  • To evaluate which actions an individual is capable and able to take to help mitigate against climate change
  • To acknowledge ‘eco-anxiety’ is real and normal, and be aware of ways to manage it

Resources needed

  • Teacher’s notes: ‘What Can I Do?
  • Learning materials: ‘What Can I Do?’ worksheet (one per student)
  • Optional: internet-enabled devices to allow students to further explore ideas on the checklist (useful links in ‘teacher’s notes’)

Methodology and teacher’s notes

  1. Use the ‘teacher’s notes’ to support students filling in their own copies of the ‘What Can I Do?’ worksheet. Afterwards, aim to have a positive ‘can-do’ discussion to share thoughts and ideas through class discussion.IMPORTANT: Ensure students don’t feel pressured take any of the actions on the checklist. Also, make it clear that they do not need disclose why they don’t desire or aren’t capable of having a go at an action, as the reason could be personal (e.g. their household has financial difficulties, or they don’t feel comfortable challenging people at home to make changes). Of course, having a safe classroom environment which allows students to discuss how they feel if they wish should always be available.

References, sources and credits:

The checklist is adapted from ‘The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World’ by the United Nations, while the sources for given statistics and ideas are given in the ‘teacher’s notes’.

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