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Coastal processes and landforms of North Norfolk

North Norfolk coastline at Happisburgh

This resource, written by Andy Owen, is one of a range of resources which the GA has developed in partnership with the Environment Agency. It provides support for GCSE geography students and focuses on coastal processes and landforms of the North Norfolk coast.

The resource has been created to support student knowledge and understanding of:

  • coastal processes including mass movement, erosion, transportation and deposition
  • distinctive coastal landforms that are the result of rock type, structure and physical processes including cliffs, wave-cut platforms, beaches and sand dunes
  • an example of a section of coastline in the UK to identify its major landforms of erosion and deposition – using a case study of the North Norfolk coast
  • the costs and benefits of coastal management strategies, including hard engineering, soft engineering and managed retreat
  • an example of a coastal management scheme in the UK – using a case study of Overstrand, Norfolk.


The resource also reinforces a number of geographical skills including:

  • ascribing meaning to interpret evidence in photographs
  • the annotation of photographs
  • decision making.


Download: Resources (ZIP file)

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