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Fieldwork: How green is my area?

How green is my area? Roundabout plants


Greening your local area involving a visit and the support of your local council officers.

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Length of time

Half a day – a day – slots over a week.


Suitable locations

Places in your community where there are examples of floral decorations. This can be done as a class / group activity and pupils can be encouraged to bring in examples from their own location.


What, why and when?

This will involve some help from your local planning or environmental department in your council offices.

Most communities have some grassy spaces or planted flowers. But who looks after them and how did they get there? (The responsibility for grass cutting is usually divided between your local council and the county council)


Out in the local area

Ask the class to take pictures of open areas around your community, especially those which are decorated for example with hanging baskets, planters, or roundabouts which have been planted. Also grass verges to show vegetation cut or otherwise.

Include some areas which lack these features.

  • Where are all these found?
  • Do they show the place is cared for? Or not?
  • Are there places which would benefit from planters or baskets? What changes would the class like to see?
  • Any sign of vandalism?
  • If you can make contact with your local Council Environmental officer these are questions which might start a discussion:
    • How often is the grass cut?
    • Is grass cutting different in urban areas from rural areas?
    • Are wildflowers left to bloom?
    • Who looks after the green spaces in your area?
    • How are the plants in the hanging baskets grown and looked after?
    • Who makes decisions about all these matters?
    • Who can sponsor a roundabout? How do they go about arranging this?


Useful websites

The Blue Campaign – This is where councils are partnered with Eco schools to develop a simple but incredibly effective action to care for roadside verges and public spaces.


This collection of Fieldwork activities were created by Paula Richardson and the Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group (FOLSIG) for the National Festival of Fieldwork, the GA invites everyone to take part during the summer term.

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