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Fieldwork: Visiting a farm

Visiting a farm


Investigating a farm or small holding for a range of age groups.

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Length of time

Half a day to one day.


Suitable locations

A local farm, small holding, chicken farm or agricultural enterprise.

Locate a farm near you here.


What, why and how?

A farm study is a very worthwhile enterprise to undertake. The experience of a real working farm will provide pupils with information on where food comes from, as well as an enjoyable experience and lasting memories.

The farmer may well be able to provide a map of the farm and the layout of the buildings. Your local OS map will also provide a base map. Besides giving a description of the activities going on at the farm you should ask about the major changes which are taking place. How might the farm look in 10/20/50 years’ time?

Some questions to help you plan:

  • How is the farm year organised? What type is it?
  • What’s the history of the farm?
  • How far does work done on the farm vary with the seasons?
  • Is the farm trying to be environmentally friendly?
  • How does the farm provide sufficient food for livestock during winter?
  • What other activities are there on the farm that help to support the business financially (e.g. camp site)?
  • How far does the farm rely on family, other employees, outside services and contractors for the business to run?
  • What’s the destination of the produce of the farm?
  • How far does the farm link with local businesses, e.g. farm shops?
  • What challenges does the farm face in the future?


Useful websites

Food for life – This site is packed with useful information on how to organise a visit, resource sheets and a farm finder link. There is also a useful pre- visit proforma providing all those important questions to ask when organising a visit.

LEAF Education – This is written for farmers but includes absolutely everything you need to know about a farm visit! Really helpful.


This collection of Fieldwork activities were created by Paula Richardson and the Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group (FOLSIG) for the National Festival of Fieldwork, the GA invites everyone to take part during the summer term.

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